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IP video surveillance icon

IP/Network video surveillance Visio icon library, the essential icons for drawing system diagrams. The library contains rich icons including network cameras, central management equipment, display equipment, server, clients, network security transmission equipment, access control, intrusion alarm system, intercom, bu...

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Play RTSP Stream on VLC Player

RTSP stands for real-time stream protocol, it’s the primary multimedia stream protocol enables your cameras to deliver video and audio stream. Almost network cameras rely on this protocol to transmit video/audio stream to web browser/video management software/NVR/NAS. In order to obtain video stream, users need t...

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Hisilicon SoC

Hisilicon Hi3516A and Hi3516D are professional IP camera dedicated processors can support H.265/HEVC encoding. Hi3516D is commonly called the Lite version of Hi3516A. Because both of them use the exact same core processor, which is A7@600MHz, 32kb I-cache, 32 KB D-cache/128 KB L2 cache.

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Free/Paid Video Management Software

In order to setup a good video surveillance system, you should not only buy right equipment but also uses right software. When buying network security cameras/NVRs/DVRs, ...

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Smart WiFi video doorbell

Making your living convenient and bringing you the peace of mind, smart Wi-Fi video doorbell becomes popular, however security is a major concern for many users, here we are going to share five actionable steps you can prevent someone from hacking into your Wi-Fi video doorbell. Intending to know how to protect you...

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