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  • 2MP/1080P IP Camera CMOS Sensor IMX323 vs IMX322

    Motorized Zoom Lens IP Camera Module

    Sony excels in CMOS image sensor developing and manufacturing, IMX322 and IMX323 are two flagship models in 2MP/1080P CMOS image sensor portfolio. Both the image sensors share the same main feature, yet IMX323 is the cost down product adopts new chip scale package design, thus its dimension is much smaller.

  • 4-Megapixel Security Camera Module Sony IMX347 Sigmastar SSC30KQ

    4MP/2K Security Camera Module w Sony IMX347 SigmaStar SSC30KQ

    Introducing you the latest IP camera module – 4MP Starvis IP Camera Module. The new IP camera module employs industry-leading Sony CMOS image sensor IMX347 to achieve astonishing full-color video surveillance performance without assistance of artificial light. Sony patented Starvis technology is designed to capture the faintest light in a dark place, Sony Starvis IMX347 image sensor can see clearly under the condition human eyes can’t see anything in the night. Without using artificial light, the camera is able to capture color image even under no light condition, which in turn, power consumption is greatly decreased. No Infrared illumination means the product’s running temperature is moderate, reliability is increased and can greatly extend the lifespan of hardware.

  • 4K UHD surveillance network cameras 8MP and 12MP

    4K UHD Image Resolution

    Undoubtedly, new wave of 4K UHD technology changes home electronics industry, since Sony,Samsung, Skyworth, TCL, Konka etc manufacturers launched 4K UHD Television, 4K UHD offers superior image quality, attract a large number of home appliances consumers. In global video surveillance industry, not only many reputable manufacturers launched 4K related products, 4K also gradually forms a complete product chain, has a great possibility to replace 720p and 1080p products. With the rapid development of digital video surveillance technology, the cost of hardware and software gradually decreased, 4K will become popolar within 2 years.

  • 5-megapixel 30x optical zoom IP PTZ camera module

    5-Megapixel 30x IP PTZ Block Camera

    Introducing you the 5-megapixel super HD IP PTZ camera module that leverages Hisilicon H.265 platform, featuring a 1/1.8” Sony Starvis CMOS image sensor, delivering up to 2592x1944@30fps resolution crystal clear image. The low illumination reaches up to 0.005Lux@F1.2, are able to capture high resolution images at full color, suitable for HD IP video surveillance application that color video surveillance at night is required.

  • Introduction to Sony M-OLED Display

    OLED Television

    Sony is able to produce the ultra-compact and high resolution color micro-OLED display, M-OLED display is a kind of cross domain displaying technology that adopts a color separation method that overlays a color filter on the top of the while organic EL layer. Such kind of design makes the display become ultra slim, micro-size and digitize. The micro-OLED display has a wide range of applicable fields such as wearable devices, head mounted display, head up display etc.

  • IP camera solution: Sony CXD5700 IMX123 IMX290 IMX224 Image Sensors

    Sony CXD5700GG ISP Diagram

    According to Sony Professional, the company recently unveiled new image signal processor - CXD5700GG, it primarily works with Sony exclusive DOL-HDR CMOS image sensors, utilizing CXD5700GG processor, IP cameras can take full advantage of image sensor's DOL-HDR function, different from conventional HDR function which take the picture with two different exposures, the newly developed DOL-HDR function will take the picture with three different exposures in order to improve the image clarity.

  • List of CMOS image sensors that used in security cameras

    Image sensor plays the role as the eye of your security cameras, it determines the image resolution and quality. Here we share you a list that includes the most popular CMOS image sensors used in security cameras. By knowing the main specification of CMOS image sensor, you're able to know the overal performance of your security cameras, also know whether the camera justifies the price or not.

  • Overview and close-up: 20 megapixel (5472 x 3648) IP camera

    20 megapixel IP camera Sony SNC-VM772R

    When we realize that IP video surveillance system replaces the analog video surveillance system, and becomes the inevitable and un-stoppable trend. The 4K (3840x2160 approximate 8.29 megapixels) / 8K (7680x4320 approximate 33.2 megapixel) ultra high definition (UHD) concept emerged in IP-based video surveillance. In order to occupy the high-end market share, many security camera manufacturers developed and launched IP cameras that delivers 4K ultra high definition with the latest video compression technology - H.265 

  • Sony 2017 new series network security cameras offer 0.006Lux sensitivity

    2017 Sony Network HD Camera

    6th December, 2016  - Sony announced the release of new series HD network security cameras (G6) to meet the increasing day/night video surveillance demand from users. Relying on Sony leading image signal processing technology, the new series products have the capability to capture higher resolution and better image quality image, also featuring excellent low illumination sensitivity,  it’s the first choice to city surveillance, transportation, government facility and more commercial video surveillance applications.

  • Sony 4K Image Sensors IMX477 & IMX377 SME-HDR DOL-HDR

    Sony IMX477 IMX377 Image Sensor

    Sony recently released the IMX477 CMOS image sensor which is dedicated to multi-lenses HD video applications, it’s a 1/2.3 inch type, 1.55um pixel cell image sensor outputs 12.3 megapixel effective pixels. This new CMOS image sensor features SME-HDR (Spatially Multiplexed Exposure HDR) and DOL-HDR (Digital Overlap HDR), supports dual sensor synchronization operation, IMX477 also adopts the back-illuminated technology can achieve better image quality under low light illumination condition.

  • Sony announced 4K image sensors for AI security cameras

    As the global leading image sensor developer and supplier, Sony recently has unveiled two 4K resolution image sensors have embedded with artificial intelligence processing unit. Relying on AI processing unit, the image sensor can output metadata which can describe information of region of interest. The cutting edge technology enables camera to provide AI video analysis while reduce the data latency if processed by cloud servers, it also ensures the privacy and reduce power consumption.

  • Sony IMX273LLR/LQR, IMX296LLR, IMX287LLR/LQR, IMX297LLR for industrial cameras

    High speed HD industrial cameras

    As the industry-leading CMOS image sensor solution provider, Sony recently launched four new CMOS image sensors which feature Sony’s pregius global shutter to better cater the demands of industrial HD video applications. These image sensors including IMX273, IMX296, IMX287, IMX297.

    The new 1/2.9-inch format CMOS image sensors include IMX273LLR/LQR, which is able to provide total 1.58 megapixel (1456x1088) resolution, and the 0.4 megapixel IMX287LLR/LQR. Both sensors support Sub LVDS video output interface.

  • SONY IMX323 CMOS Image Sensor

    Sony plans to mass produce the IMX323 CMOS image sensor. The IMX323 is the cost down version of current IMX322, it adopts CSP (Chip Scale Package) design. Delivering the exact same image quality under lower cost. The IMX323 allows HD video camera manufacturers to produce cost-effective products.

  • Sony IMX326 IMX274 DOL-HDR CMOS Image Sensors

    Sony CMOS Image Sensor

    Sony keeps concentrating on offering the reliable and competitive CMOS image sensors dedicated to HD video surveillance market. Currently, Sony has launched 1.62um pixel unit CMOS image sensor that integrated its exclusive digital overlap-HDR technology. Sony IMX326LQC is a 6.82-megapixel CMOS image sensor, and the IMX274LQC supports up to 8MP effective pixels, both of them are back-illuminated type CMOS sensors.

  • Sony is about to release DSC-like 20MP CMOS image sensor

    Sony CMOS Image Sensor

    According to one of the channel distributors from Sony, Sony is about to release next-generation 20-megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor dedicated to security and industrial cameras, the sensor keeps adopting back-illuminated structure with 2.4 µm unit pixel, also supports the PDAF (phase detection autofocus) function used to be exclusively owned by Digital Still Cameras (DSC), PDAF function can significantly improve the focusing speed, is comparable to the laser auto-focus technology.

  • Sony ISX017 Starvis CMOS Image Sensor + ISP

    Sony ISX017 Starvis IP Camera Module

    Introduction to the Sony ISX017, which is a DOL (Digital over lap) WDR and Starvis supported image sensor integrated with image signal processor design. Thanks to its Exmor R BSI and Near Infrared technology, this image sensor is able to capture clear color image even under 0.005Lux low illumination conditions. Including the rich rich peripheral design such as PWM, GPIO, CIS RGBW, I2C, SPI, UART and YUV/Raw Digital, this enables manufacturers to simplify final product design and develop mini size compact products.

  • Sony launched dashcam dedicated 2.45MP CMOS Sensor IMX390CQV

    2.43MP IP PTZ Dome Camera

    Dashcam market expected to reach US$4.03 billion by 2020 globally according to the Transparency Market Research. Sony, as the global leading CMOS image sensor producer and supplier recently launched dashcam dedicated CMOS image sensor featuring several enhancements to improve the video shooting under challenging lighting conditions. The newly developed IMX390CQV supports LED flicker mitigation, while offering 120dB high dynamic range function. 

  • Sony Medium Format Camera Sensor - IMX411/IMX461

    Medium format is typically used to refer to sensor sizes that are smaller than 4x5 inches, but lager than 35mm full frame. Such kind of size sensor has been widely used for digital single-lens reflex camera, professional film camera.  It has a wide applications, generally can be applied in aerial photographing, large area surveillance, museum digital archives and industrial inspection...etc.

  • Sony Unveiled IMX332 Sensor for Iris Recognition Applications

    Iris Recognition

    After fingerprint recognition is commonly applied to smartphones, Iris recognition probably is the second bio-recognition technologies. 

  • Sony unveiled IMX335 5-megapixel HDR CMOS image sensor for video surveillance and industry camera products

    Yoosee Mini Wi-Fi Camera

    Sony continuously develop high quality and high competitive CMOS image sensors which are dedicated to video surveillance and industry camera applications. Recently, Sony unveiled IMX335, a total 5.14 megapixel back-illuminated CMOS image sensor which features exclusive digital overlap high dynamic range (DOL-HDR) and video sync function.

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