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Ingenic T20

  • All-in-one solar security camera Wi-Fi/4G LTE w microwave radar

    Aesthetic all-in-one design solar powered security camera that adopts microwave radar to provide accurate motion detection. It has built-in rechargeable battery and Wi-Fi or 4G LTE modem to provide wire-free installation that without any trenching and wiring. The product adopts 2-megapixel CMOS image sensor and Ingenic T20 low power consumption SoC hardware design can deliver crystal clear 1920x1080 resolution video at maximum 25 frames per second. Utilizing IP66 rated weatherproof and dustproof design, it's suitable for both indoor and outdoor installation.

  • Battery wireless1080p security camera w PIR motion sensor S3 S4

    Battery security camera that is better suitable for house and office. The product adopts aesthetic and sleek design they are beautify and less intrusive, can be blended into the decoration in your house or office. The product works with its internal high capacity battery (S3 has a 6800mAH and S4 has a 13600mAH Lithium-ion polymer battery), built-in Broadcom Wi-Fi module to provide completely wire-free installation. Thanks for the Ingenic T20 SoC featuring low power consumption technology, S3 battery can last 180 days and S4 can last 360 days.

  • Disassemble Ingenic battery smart doorbell w PIR motion sensor

    Ingenic battery smart doorbell can work nearly 180 days, here we’re about to disassemble one popular smart doorbell camera D819 to disclose the product design, we may figure out why it can work with a battery that lasts for a half year.

  • Disassemble wireless security camera based on Ingenic T20 SoC

    Disassembling a 1080p security camera that utilizes Ingenic T20 Xburst SoC. This box style camera can support 350 degree pan rotation and has a 3.6mm lens built-in to provide 100 degree field of view. The camera adopts 2MP CMOS image sensor that delivers 1920x1080p resolution video. It has Infrared LEDs to enable camera to see at night and has a microphone and speaker built-in to support 2-way audio intercom. The camera has a Wi-Fi module built-in to support wireless network connection.

  • Ingenic Battery Security Cameras and Smart Doorbells

    Ingenic, headquartered in Beijing and established in 2005, the company specializes in designing and developing ARM based processors. The company’s products include X series SoC for IoT devices and T series SoC for video cameras. X series microprocessors include X1000/E, X1021, X1500, X1520, X1820, X2000/E. T series SoC including T10, T20, T21, T30, T31, T02. For example, X1000 microprocessor has been used in Anker Roav Viva, the product is an IoT devices that integrates with Alexa Echo supports voice commands. In this article, we are delighted to share you some security cameras and smart doorbells that utilize Ingenic T series SoCs.

  • Review: solar powered battery security camera 1080p Wi-Fi PIR

    Solar powered wireless outdoor 1080p security camera

    If you live in a sunny city like California, solar powered security cameras are the best candidates for your IP video surveillance project. The benefit to deploy solar powered security cameras is enormous. As we all know, installation fee is the major cost for having a camera system. By utilizing solar power technology, users can easily install cameras by omitting wiring and trenching, which in turn, can greatly reduce the budget. Comparing conventional type of cameras, solar powered security cameras offer a completely wire-free solution. Also such a camera system is maintenance-free, you don’t need to worry that cameras stop working because of the drainage of internal battery.

  • Solar Powered Floodlight with 4G LTE 1080p Camera w Microwave Motion Detection HK-DJDC2

    HK-DJDC2 is a powerful security equipment to protect your perimeter like garden, yard, construction side. It's a combo that includes a microwave radar motion detection activated floodlight and 1080p security camera with Wi-Fi or 4G LTE modem. The product has a high capacity battery inside to provide easy and maintenance-free installation. It utilizes an independent silicon solar panel as the power charger to charge the battery in the day time. The floodlight consists of dual light heads, they're swival can adjust illuminating angle, have a motion detection microwave radar built-in to provide motion detection.

  • Solar powered Wi-Fi/4G LTE 1080p Dome Security Camera

    Solar powered wireless security camera is dedicated to offering IP video surveillance solution for special requirement or remote places where electricity and internet service are not available. The product comes with a monocrystal silicon solar panel to provide the main supply of the camera. The camera itself has a high capacity rechargeable battery enables the camera to work without connecting an external power adapter. This is a dome style camera supports horizontal 355 degree and vertical 90 degree rotation which allows it to have the entire space covered and leaving no blind spot.

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