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Solar powered battery security camera

Solar powered battery security camera

Unifore supplies new generation security cameras that feature portability, easy installation, and eco-frendly. The product utilizes a solar panel as the main power source and an internal rechargeable battery built-in to ensure 24 hourly and 7 days operation. All products support Wi-Fi wireless network connection, alternatively they can be equipped with 4G LTE modem to support accessing and video streaming over cellular network. Furthermore, they have PIR or microwave sensor built-in to provide accurate motion detection. Including free app for Android and iOS smart devices, free PC software that compatible with Windows and Mac OS computers.

Battery security cameras for rural areas

Solar powerSolar Power Charging

Creatively combining solar panel and security camera together to allow you install an IP video surveillance system features wire-free and eco-friendly. The camera relies on solar panel to charge internal battery in the day time, and it relies on battery to operate at night. The camera has a charging unit which performs as a solar controller which not only ensures the operation of camera, but also extend lifespan of battery by preventing battery overcharing and draining.

Battery iconRechargeable Battery

They are using batteries to work, because of the low power consumption hardware design and high capacity of internal batteries. These security cameras can work several months with help of the battery under the rare condition that solar panels don't produce any electricity. This design ensures that the camera system still works under extreme weather for instance the gloomist month in 50 years.

Motion detection iconMotion Detection

They are smart security cameras that have a special design enables them to detect intrusion effectively. The outdoor security cameras are equipped with microwave radar (droppler sensor module), the radar provides 9-12 meters detecting scope. With help of it, the camera can start to record video and send push notification when people lurk around or enter into your private property. Comparing with PIR sensor, microwave sensor offers far more reliable motion detection by avoiding detection that caused by temperate changes.

Audio intercom iconAudio Intercom

All of them have a microphone and a speaker built-in to support audio function. It can record video footage with audio info and you're able to listen onsite auido through smartphone remotely, you're able to speak or yell to the people on the side of camera. This can be a tool for either voice communication or aduible deterrent.

AP hotspot iconStandalone Mode

The cameras support AP hotspot which allows users to watch video stream directly through smartphone. The camera still works even there is no Wi-Fi/Internet network available. In addition to remote view, the camera can record video under AP mode. This feature enables them to be installed in remote places where Wi-Fi/Internet serivce is not available, or users want to use them to an application is akin to a baby monitor.

Storage iconVideo Storage

No need to choose between cloud storage and memory card, they support both of them. The products have a microSD/SDHX card slot built-in to offer maximum 64GB video storage capacity. The camera can record video to the internal memory card even Internet service is interrupted or completely down. You're able able to subscribe cloud storage service, and it's not mandatory.

lens iconmicroSD/SDHC/TF

The product employs 2-megapixel CMOS image sensors to capture crystal clear image with vivid color. By integrating the powerful 1GHz SoC - Ingenic T20, the camera can output smooth video stream with 1920x1080 resolution with 25fps speed. Some models adopt starlight image sensor that enable camera to see under dim lighting condition without help of IR lights, they're able to capture color image under moon light at night.

Remote view iconRemote view

Smart cameras that can be easily configured by your smartphone. You're able to tweak all settings of camrea including image parameter (e.g. brightness, contrast, saturation) and watch live video stream on your smartphone. You're able to playback recorded video footage right from your smartphone, you will be notified by instance push notification when intrusion occurs. Including PC software which can allow you to manage up to 64 channels of video feed on your computers.

Wire iconWire-free installation

Battery/solar panel plus Wi-Fi/4G LTE design offers a completely wire-free installation that not only eliminate the Ethernet cable but also the power cable. The product makes installation become straightforward and with minimum cost. They're suitable houses/offices that are not under remodelling, they can beautifully blend into your home decoration. They are maintenance-free, not need to charge the battery and truly bring you peace in mind.

Solar Powered Battery Security Camera C5

Solar Powered Outdoor Wi-Fi/4G Security Camera C5

All-in-one design, IP65 outdoor installation, 3pcs 18650 battery, microwave radar (9-12 meters), solar panel can be attached to camera or mounted to a different place
Solar Powered Security Floodlight with 1080p Camera DJDC2

Solar Powered Security Floodlight with 1080p Camera DJDC2

Floodlight plus 1080p security camera combo, 50watt 5000K floodlight, camera and light heads are angle adjustable, solar panel + 12000mAH battery inside, microwave radar, IP65 waterproof
Solar Powered 4G Wi-Fi Pan/Tilt Dome Camera Q5

Solar Powered 4G Wi-Fi Pan/Tilt Dome Camera Q5

355 degree pan, 90 degree tilt, 12000mAH battery, doppler sensor motion detection, IP65 weatherproof, 2.4G Wi-Fi or 4G LTE modem built-in, IR night vision up to 15 meters
Solar powered 4G Wi-Fi outdoor security camera

Solar powered outdoor starlight security camera HW2

Starlight low illumination CMOS sensor, capture color video under moonlight, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi module built-in, 10400mAH large capacity battery, microwave radar provides motion detection
Battery Wireless 1080p Smart Security Camera S6

Battery Wireless 1080p Smart Security Camera S6/S5

Sleek and aesthetic security camera, microwave radar human movement detection, day and night video surveillance, magnetic bracket design, 64GB or cloud storage for video recording, 12000mAH battery inside.
Battery wireless 1080p security camera w PIR S4/S3

Battery wireless 1080p security camera w PIR S4/S3

Security camera for indoor, 1080p FHD resolution, smart detection by PIR motion sensor, 13600mAH or 6800mAH battery, magnetic adhesive design, include metal swivel bracket for ceiling/wall mounting.
Solar Panel Powered Security Camera with PIR Sensor Metal Enclosure Design S1

Solar Panel Powered Outdoor Wireless Security Camera w PIR S1

Metal enclosure, IP65 rated waterproof, solar panel on its top, built-in PIR motion sensor to provide accurate motion detection, built-in 7650mAH rechargeable battery, 2.4G Wi-Fi connection

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