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Unifore IP Camera NVR System

No matter we are using IP cameras, DVRs, or NVRs, we want to remotely access them via different devices. Currently, there are two methods to achieve remote connection; P2P (also called plug&play, a network protocol can automatically punch holes on firewall of router), and DDNS.

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H.264, H.265, H.265+

Hisilicon,a global fabless semiconductor and IC design company, recently unveiled new IP camera system-on-chips which supporting H.265+ new video compression. According to whitepaper released by Hisilicon, the H.265+ can further reduce 50% bitrate than conventional H.265 video compression in typical IP video surveil...

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Car Parking Lot Security Cameras

Vehicle plate number recognition feature is required for IP camera system which generally be installed in modern parking lots. Typically users need to buy a tire system which may cost thousand dollars. Here we provide you free general video management software featuring vehicle plate number recognition and exit/ent...

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Hisilicon SoC/Processor

According to Hisilicon roadmap, the company released Hi3516E, which is a cost-effective HD video processor can support 1080p resolution video processing along with H.265/HEVC encoding technology. Just like its predecessor - Hi3518E, new processor will be widely applied to IP video surveillance application. In additi...

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Free Video Surveillance Software

Security network cameras allow us to keep an eye on things or people when we’re away. Today, users can remotely watch video feed on both computers and smart devices. In addition to the default app which is provided by supplier, many users still want to use third-party software and app, because default software is ...

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