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  • 1.3MP/2MP Panoramic VR Camera Hisilicon Hi3518EV200 Solution

    1.3MP Panoramic VR Camera on Yoosee CMSClient

    A panoramic camera can replace four traditional cameras to have your entire room covered. More and more people opts to HD fisheye cameras. Single fisheye lens cameras are widely accepted by end users, simply because they can deliver panoramic video with decent image quality, the cost of the new product keep the same with traditional cameras. 

  • 1MP 720p 180-degree network camera based on Hi3518E

    360-Degree Network Camera

    Hi3518E is an entry-level system processor widely used in today’s 720p megapixel network cameras.  Today, an IP camera module supplier has launched a 180 degree security network camera that leveraging the Hisilicon Hi3518E with a 180 degree fisheye lens. The camera is able to deliver up to 180 degree ultra viewing angle video in real-time. It also can support dewarping and ePTZ function, that’s the reason why many manufacturers call it as an VR camera.

  • 2MP 3MP H.265 Network Cameras based on Hi3516D

    Hisilicon H.265 Solution

    Video security as a service (VSaaS), Internet of Things (IoT), 4K ultra high definition (UHD), H.265 are the current primary trends in today's digital video technology. Hisilicon as the pioneer digital media system on chip (SoC) developer and manufacturer, the company recently launched Hi3519 SoC which supports 4K UHD video encoding with the latest H.265/HEVC compression. Although H.265/HEVC new compression technology greatly reduce the transmission bandwidth and storage capacity required for ultra high definition video, the application & deployment of H.265 technology is still in introduction stage. However, we expect the H.265 products will be popular, eventually replace the current H.264 standard to meet the growing demand of ultra high definition video products.

  • Best 1080P WDR IP Camera - H.265 motorized lens Hi3516A

    Unifore NS2025V5-D

    Unifore NS2025V5-A is a 2 megapixel outdoor IR network camera which is dedicated to provide high quality video monitoring performance for high-end IP video surveillance applications. This security camera adopts 1/3-type WDR Full HD progressive scan CMOS image sensor + Hi3516A SoC hardware design. This top-notch IP camera can deliver 1080P@25/30fps video stream with exceptional image quality. Besides, it provides True-WDR, 2D+3D noise reduction, BLC, HLC etc image enhancing technologies to further improve the image quality.

  • Difference among Hisilicon SoC Hi3556 Hi3559 Hi3559A 4K/8K

    Hisilicon Hi3559A 8K SoC Solution

    Hisilicon, the global leading semi-conductor company focusing on providing high-end and high-performance ARM processor for a wide range of applications including video surveillance, consumer cameras, smartphone, sports DV/cameras, UAV cameras, car dashcam, TV box etc electronics. Recently years the company released Hi3556, Hi3559, Hi3559A etc high-end System-on-Chips that supporting 4K or even 8K UHD resolution to meet requirements for higher resolution cameras. In this article, we provide you a brief information regarding to the difference among these SoC.

  • Difference between Hisilicon Hi3516A and Hi3516D

    Hisilicon SoC

    Hisilicon Hi3516A and Hi3516D are professional IP camera dedicated processors can support H.265/HEVC encoding. Hi3516D is commonly called the Lite version of Hi3516A. Because both of them use the exact same core processor, which is A7@600MHz, 32kb I-cache, 32 KB D-cache/128 KB L2 cache.

  • Goke HD IP Camera Solution GK7101 GK7102

    Based on the latest research by IHS, the market of video surveillance was estimated to be US$15 billion, and it expects to grow to US$23.6 billion by the end of 2018. Now the global video surveillance market is in the transition period from analog to IP. We know SoC/processor is the core component of every IP cameras, although many well-known semi-conductor companies (Ambarella, Hisilicon, TI, Sony, etc) encounter fierce competition in the market of HD video SoCs. As the new comer, Goke Microelectronics launched GK7101 and GK7102 SoCs are dedicated to HD network camera solution.

  • HD H.264 NVR Core Engine - Hi3535 Processor

    Hisilicon SoC on NVR/DVR Boards

    Hisilicon SoC solutions become so prevalent, the company launched Hi3535 in the early 2014, this SoC has been widely used in HD NVRs that support 1080p/3MP/5MP resolution at H.264 video compression. According to the datasheet of Hi3535, it utilizes A9 core processor, allowing 5 channel video decoding at 1080p resolution, that's 4 channel preview and 1 channel playback.

  • Hisilicon 4K UHD H.265 IP Camera Solution Hi3519 + IMX274

    4K Ultra HD Video Surveillance

    It has been almost a year since Hisilicon officially launched the Hi3519 SoC dedicating to 4K UHD IP cameras. No more stories, no rumors, here we introduce you the 4K UHD IP Camera that based on Hi3519 + IMX274 hardware design. Furthermore, we would like to share you both day and night video footage that captured by this 4K UHD IP camera. Hi3519 is a powerful processor has the 4K UHD video encoding capability, it also supports the latest H.265/HEVC video compression. Sony IMX274 is a high performance, low illumination Exmor R CMOS image sensor providing 8.51-megapixel, through leveraging the IMX274, this camera can shoot 3840*2160 resolution video (4K UHD, or 2160P) with 30 frames per second.

  • Hisilicon empowered 4K/30fps sports action camera Hi3559V100 IMX458

    Sports action camera shooting

    As sports and action cameras are welcomed by consumer users, a lots of camera manufacturers launched affordable action cameras. Now, there is a new solution available to 4K sports action cameras. Hisilicon Hi3559V100 is the latest image processor designed for action cameras and IP video surveillance applications. The image sensor can be integrated with 8MP/12MP cmos image sensors from different suppliers to achieve real-time 4K video shooting. Now clients are able to choose Hi3559V100 + Sony IMX458 hardware solution which can deliver 4K video with impressive image quality and it’s cost-effective.

  • Hisilicon Hi3516CV300 IMX323 2MP H.265 IP camera solution

    H.265 Network Camera System

    Bandwidth plays an important role when we consider to deploy IP video surveillance system, especially when the video surveillance system aims to achieve resolution higher than 2-megapixel. As the H.265/HEVC video compression can double the data compression ratio compared to H.264/AVC while achieving the same level of video quality, many security experts predict the H.265 will replace the H.264, and become the dominant standard in video surveillance industry.

  • Hisilicon Hi3519 - core engine of 4K H.265 network cameras

    Hisilicon Hi3519 4K UHD H.265 Strategy

    In 2015 CPSE (China Public Security Expo) show, Hisilicon unveiled its 4K/UHD H.265+ strategy which intends to offer a complete solution combines both hardware and software platform together. In terms of hardware, the company released Hi3519 SoC, which supports max. 320 megapixel CMOS image sensors, 4K/UHD @ 60fps video encoding with the latest H.265/HEVC compression format. Additionally, this SoC adopts Hisilicon patented Hi-ISP and Hi-IVE technologies.  Hi3519 will come with Huawei IoT Lite OS as the software platform.

  • Hisilicon introduces entry-level 4K NVR SoC - Hi3536C

    Hisilicon SoC

    Hisilicon technology, a leading developer of micro-computer processors for Smartphone, Sport Cameras, Video Surveillance, recently released the Hi3536C System-On-Chip (SoC) targeting an entry-level 4K (8-megapixel) network video recorders with leading edge video features.

  • Hisilicon IP Camera Hi3516EV300 Hi3518EV300 SDK Download

    Hisilicon Booth on Exhibition

    Download SDK (software development kit) for the Hisilicon SoC, suitable for software development of IP cameras based on Hisilicon SoCs including Hi3516EV300, Hi3518EV300, Hi3516EV200. Hi3516EV300 + IMX335 (5MP@20fps), Hi3516EV300 + GC4653 (4-megapixel@25fps), Hi3516EV200 + GC2053 (2-megapixel@25fps), Hi3516EV200 + SC3235 (3-megapixel@20fps), Hi3516EV200 + Sony IMX307 (2-megapixel@25fps).

    Download SDK for Hisilicon Hi3516EV300/V200 Hi3518EV300

    Links: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

  • Hisilicon released Hi3559A SoC 8K30fps 4K120fps High Speed Video

    Hisilicon 8K SoC Solution

    Image processor developer Hisilicon has released the Hi3559A System-on-Chip (SoC) for high-speed video processing applications, it’s the first processor for Hisilicon Smart Vision Platform (SVP). The Hi3559A supports 8K ultra HD H.264/AVC and H.265/HEVC at 30 frames per second for multiple video streams with equivalent performance, for example VR camera that uses dual 4K/120fps sensors.

    The new image processor is based on Dual-core Cortex™-A53 & dual-core Cortex™-A73 architecture provides significant processing power for customer applications including 360 panoramic camera, VR, computer vision. The Hi3559A can support 10-bit H.265 High Dynamic Range (HDR) video processing to handle high contrast and wide color range scenes. Intending to cater the applications for 360 degree cameras, Hi3559A support 8-channel CMOS sensor signal input and image hardware stitching.

  • How to config WiFi setting of IP Camera

    HD Network Cameras

    This article intends to guide you how to config WiFi of your network camera with step by step tutorial. If you recently purchased some professional WiFi network cameras, reluctant to read the manual, or the included manual is written with poor English language, hopefully this detailed instruction is helpful to you. Please note that the following method is only suitable for network cameras that based on Hisilicon solution. If you have network cameras based on Ambarrella or other solution, you may close this webpage.

  • NVR/DVR Hisilicon Solution: Hi3536, Hi3531, Hi3521, Hi3520D

    Hisilicon SoC on NVR/DVR Boards

    Hisilicon is one of leading multimedia ARM SoC solution providers, the company's SoCs are widely used in DVRs, network cameras, NVRs, smartphones etc products. Ambarella, Hisilicon, Texas Instrument are three pioneers in today's global HDTV multimedia industry. Since Hisilicon products are high quality and affordable, Hisilicon SoCs are mainly targeted to middle and low-end market.

  • Starlight IP Camera Solution Hi3518E + SC1070

    Starlight Video Surveillance

    Introducing the lastest IP camera solution which based on Hisilicon Hi3518EV200 processor + Smartsens SC1070 image sensor design. This new solution not only can enable the camera to capture 1280x720 crisp image HD video at 25 frames per second, but also featuring high light sensitivity, owing to utilizing the new generation 1/2” progressive scan SC1070 CMOS image sensor from SmartSens.

  • Vatics SoC for Panoramic Network Cameras

    VATICS M3C IP Camera SoC Demo

    VATICS is a digital media system on chip (SoC) solution provider in Taiwan. Unlike Hisilicon and Ambarella, many consumers are not familiar with this company. However, the company's M3C IP Camera SoC series have been used in many panoramic network camera products including famous brands like 3S Vision (Model N9045-R/N9065-R), XiongMai (XM), Vivotek (Model FD816-C-HF2, CC8370-HV) etc.

  • Yoosee Starlight 2MP P/T Wi-Fi Camera Hi3518EV200 SC2235

    Hisilicon SoC

    Yoosee has successfully launched a smart pan/tilt Wi-Fi camera solution which is based the Hisilicon Hi3518EV200 + SmartSens SC2235 CMOS image sensor design, it’s the first consumer Wi-Fi camera solution that utilizing Huawei LiteOS that features fast boot up within 1s, capturing image within 3s, very lower bitrate can offer smooth video streaming experience on app and software. It also adopts new 40nm architecture, the power consumption is 35% lower than its predecessor Hi3518E V100, lower power consumption means lower operating temperature, hence can provide more stable performance.

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