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IP NVR System

NVR - network video recorder, the most important component for IP surveillance system, it's dedicated to provide reliable video recording and playback solution.

Unifore offers different types of network video recorder including mini compact size NVR, which is the economical recorder for home and office video recording. NVR with PoE feature can simplify your installation process by using PoE technology. This kind of NVR can provide centralized power supply solution to ensure the system's stability, eliminate the power cable to reduce the installation cost.

Powerful 16 channel, 32 channel NVR to accommodate middle and large IP surveillance applications, robust data processing, operates as a standalone server.

IP NVR System
16-channel 1080p/3MP/5MP NVR with PoE ports

16-channel 1080p/3MP/5MP NVR with PoE ports

16 PoE Ports, IEEE802.3af; 16CH 1080p / 9CH 3MP/5MP; 4x internal SATA HDD, 1x eSATA port; max. 150Mbps incoming bandwidth; 1x VGA+HDMI video output; 4x alarm inputs, 1x alarm output; motion detection, privacy mask; ONVIF Profile S, Profile G

36 Channel 4K UHD H.265 NVR - 16 PoE Ports

36 Channel 4K UHD H.265 NVR - 16 PoE Ports

36-channel video recording, 16-ports PoE, up to 4K UHD resolution, total incoming bandwidth 256Mbps, 4 SATA 3.0 HDD bays, 4CH Alarm I/O, 4K HDMI + VGA local video output, Hot-swap eSATA

4K UHD H.265 NVR

36CH 4K/64CH 5MP/128CH 1080P/256CH 720P H.265 NVR

4K UHD NVR supports 256CH 720p/960p, 128CH 1080p, 64CH 5MP, 36CH 4K network cameras, complies with H.264 and H.265 video compression standard, supports 20 HDD bay.

4CH/8CH PoE 1080P/720P NVR

4CH/8CH PoE 1080P/720P NVR

Professional network video recorder, supports PoE IP cameras, 4CH&8CH 1080P full HD video recording, support multiply recording modes, remote live view from smartphone, tablet and PC.

4CH/8CH Super Mini NVR

4CH/8CH Super Mini NVR for Home/Office

Super compact size network video recorder, support 4/8CH 1080P/720P video recording, advanced NVR for your home/business. eSATA for video storage and HDMI, VGA for dual local display.
64CH/36CH/25CH Video Security NVR

64CH/36CH/25CH NVR PRO - 960P/1080P/5MP

EN75xx series professional NVRs, 25, 36, 64CH megapixel recording, support 720p/960p, 1080p, 3 MP, 5 MP resolution

Mini NVR2

Mini NVR2 - 4/9/16 Channel NVR 1080P 3MP 5MP

Mini NVR2, Supports 4/9/16 Channel IPC, 1080P/3MP/5MP HD Recording