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IP camera with a junction box

What is security camera junction box?

Correct installation is so crucial for long-time operating of your entire video surveillance system. Security cameras are the front-end parts of it, besides outdoor weather conditions such as rain, snow, sand & dust, it also confronts threats such as wire-cutting, masking, vandalism. When installing security cameras, do you feel headache or hassle to hide cables or even power adapter? Do you have doubts about the connecting joint's reliability?

#1 What is Junction box?

According to the white-paper released by milesight, a Junction box is a metal container for electrical connections, designed for not only concealing cables/connectors but also deterring tamper. The metal junction box is part of an electric conduit wiring system, it not only can be filled with an adapter, you also can put a lighting/surge protector to prevent your entire CCTV system against from possible lightning or surge. Comparing with a bunch of exposed electrical wires which can be easily cut, using junction box your CCTV system not just looks professional, but also has better reliability. The general appearance of the box is either square or rectangular, most of them are made of ADC12 Aluminium alloy which features high tenacity and can withstand tough strength.

#2 Advantages of using junction box

  • Junction box is waterproof, it protects connectors from being rusted or oxy-genated.
  • Prevent cables being cut and protect the wiring
  • Provide an easy way to mount/install security cam
  • Provide a beautiful way of concealing electrical wires

#3 How to install security camera junction box?

Junction box is a waterproof box, before embarking on installation, you need to mark on wall to locate the position where the camera is intended to be installed. Then, open the junction box, and remove tension disc, put camera’s cables through the rubber plug. Afterwards, fix the tension disc again and connect the cables correctly. Carefully inspecting the gasket before closing the junction box, making sure it's fully sealed. After finishing the above steps, connect the camera body with the front cover. If you no idea what the exact procedures are, you can check figure as below.

Junction Box Installation Example
Junction Box Installation Example

#4 Conclusion

Today, most security cameras manufacturers supply conjunction boxes for easier and more professional installation. Junction box as the optional accessories can not only increase flexibility on installation, but also provide higher reliability for operating of your video surveillance system. The junction box can protect cable wiring, offer easy maintenance if something goes wrong. You even can put an AC/DC adapter or surge protector to prevent possible damages caused by lightning. It’s a little investment which brings you an enormous benefits.

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