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Yoosee WiFi Wireless Cameras

No matter you want to use an IP camera system or a HD camera system, you have to use HDDs for video storage, here comes the question - how many HDDs should the system use? what the capacity size of the HDD should be used? Installers or end-...

4K H.265 IP Security Camera

Luke is the product manager of security company, he has a good knowledge of security cameras for home improvement. Since his company offers both DVR and NVR two kind of video surveillance system, many customers asked him which is better betw...

XMEye VMS Windows/Mac Software

XMEye is the popular App that designed for various inexpensive IP cameras and NVRs/DVRs. XMEye makes remote video monitoring via smartphones become super easy. However, this App is only compatible with Android (Smartphone, Tablet) and iOS (...

1080P HD Security Camera Module

Fullhan is the leading image signal processor solution provider in Mainland China, the company is headquartered in Shangshai, few people know this company though it’s one of image signal processor providers to some famous security camera c...

Full HD 1080p/720p AHD DVR

We intend to provide you a complete guide to 720p/1080p AHD DVRs.  When selecting the AHD DVRs, it should be easy just like selecting an analog DVR for CCTV cameras. However, it turns out AHD product selection is far more complicated.  The...