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Car Parking Lot Security Cameras

Free IP Camera/NVR VMS with Vehicle Plate Number Recognition

Vehicle plate number recognition feature is required for IP camera system which generally be installed in modern parking lots. Typically users need to buy a tire system which may cost thousand dollars. Here we provide you free general video management software featuring vehicle plate number recognition and exit/entry controlling. The freeware is compatible with IP cameras from all famous brands such as XM, Dahua, Hikvision, Vivotek and more. It’s also compatible with any ONVIF compliant IP cameras/NVRs.

Download Vehicle License Plate Number Recognition System for Free

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VMS Software Featuring Vehicle License Number Recognition
VMS Software Featuring Vehicle License Number Recognition

By utilizing this software, you can manage up to 64 units network cameras simultaneously from one monitor, you can remotely config IP cameras, and record video to HDDs of computer. It also support PTZ controlling, image parameter adjustment, user permission management, data backup, motion detection, alarm I/O.

It has automated vehicle plate number recognition plugin, which is able to capture license plate number clearly, it can automatically keep license number records, working with automated gate /barrier to control entry/exit. Users are able to set detecting/recognition area on image, also can control camera lights. It also supports multiple triggering modes including video analysis (when vehicle enters into detection area to start recognizing), ground sensor (when vehicle enters into ground sensor detection area to start recognizing), AUTO (automatically choosing triggering mode).

VMS Remote IP Camera Configuration
VMS Remote IP Camera Configuration

Working with LED display, can automatically display captured vehicle plate number, it also supports white list and balck list function to block certain vehicle plate number. Users can import and export vehicle plate number database, also can set parking lot information including parking area capacity.

The free vehicle license plate number recognition software runs on Windows OS, it’s compatible with Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows 7/8/10 OS. The minimum hardware requirement is above i3 multi-threading CPU, graphic card RAM above to 128MB must support hardware zoom in/out (e.g. ATI, TNT2PRO).

It should be noted that the VMS software can work with local ONVIF network cameras from any third-party, it only works with remote/Internet network cameras from XM via CloudID connection. We don't offer any technical support/help for this software.

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