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Dual-Tech Motion Sensor PIR+Microwave ED695

Passive infra-red motion sensors are ubiquitous can be found in many applications, they’re also primary components for intrusion detection system. We normally call them PIR ...

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Fierce Barking Dog

A barking dog simulated alarm system will automatically make fierce dog barking sound when an alarm occurs. It can effectively deter intruder by not only alerting people, but also making intruders think house is protected by a dog. Comparing a dog pet, using a barking dog simulated alarm system is more practically t...

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ABH Photoelectric Beam Detector

Introducing you new generation photoelectric beam detectors adopt the completely new and more advanced design comparing old products. New ABT series photoelectric beam detector can safeguard up to 100 meters distance area...

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Solar Powered Wireless Photoelectric Beam

Perimeter alarm system as one of frontier security&protection system can effectively stop intruders or keep unwanted people away. The system can deter intruders before they enter into important property to mess up your house/villa/warehouse. It also can be a warning system that alerts house owners if unauthorize...

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 Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Fire alarm - smoke sensor, work standalone or connects with wireless alarm system. This is photoelectric sensor based smoke detector, which can react fast to low smoldering fires. Once sensor detects smoke, it will make 85dB beep sound with Red flash. At the same time, it will emit smoke alarm signal to alarm panel....

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