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Smart Home Products

When we shop electronics, we are prone to choosing smart devices that support wireless technology, and can be easily controlled or accessed by smartphone. Nowadays more and more devices begin to use the wireless protocols to communicate each ot...

WiFi Alarm System - Wisen

When consumers consider the security & protection, there are many types of products and enormous brands to choose. Intrusion alarm system, home automation system, security camera system are three major types of security & protection equ...

Solar-powered IR beam detector installation

When it comes to home security, perimeter protection should be more important than interior rooms. Generally, we install fence around the perimeter or backyard area as the perimeter protection & security measure. Moreover, some smart guys m...

Wisen WiFi Alarm System

Thank you so much for choosing our Wisen (X10) WiFI alarm system. Wisen is our first wireless alarm system which combines WiFi and GSM together to offer high stable and reliable alarm communication. It’s a system just a little complex to setu...

NXP JN5168 ZigBee Module

Smart home automation industrial chain includes protocol providers, IC chip manufacturers, solution providers and product manufacturers. Here we start from the home automation protocols to discuss. The main smart home protocols including WiFi, ...