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Best HD Wi-Fi Cameras for Home

IP cameras are so popular for security and video surveillance applications. On the one hand, it is vulnerable to online hacking due to requiring the Internet connection. On the other hand, people are prone to forget the password of the devic...

Auto-tracking PTZ Camera

Some advanced IP PTZ cameras can support auto-tracking function, therefore they usually are called “Smart” PTZ cameras. Auto-tracking means the camera can automatically track the moving objects, meanwhile auto zoom in/out and incorporati...

IP PTZ Cameras 1080P with 6KV Lightning Protection

Lightning strikes and voltage surge will damage everything, it’s the devastating blow to your security camera systems. Lightning/surge protection is essential when installing the video surveillance systems, especially the outdoor cameras a...

IP PTZ Cameras 1080P

VBR and CBR are two different bitrate controlling methods in your IP cameras. VBR stands for variable bit rate, and CBR stands for constant bit rate. VBR changes the bitrate according to the image content. CBR keeps the bitrate the same thro...

Wiring a PIR motion sensor to IP Camera

Tom is a DIY enthusiast, recently he has several megapixel network cameras that include many peripheral interfaces design. Despite wiring the audio I/O, he wants to use the alarm I/O function, by coincidence, he has a PIR motion sensor, thus...