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Cameras connection to NVR Troubleshooting

Though nowadays's IP video surveillance equipment becomes more and more easy to setup and use, some users may still encounter some problems if they are newbies to the IP video surveillance system. We herein present you the easy, but very useful...

PLC(Powerline Communication) Application

PLC refers to Powerline Communication, it’s a kind of technology that transmitting data over existing power lines. To achieve this, a pair of Powerline Ethernet Adapters should be used, they also as refered as PLC modems. By using the PLC net...

IP Video Surveillance

Based on HIS Markit research and investigation, over 66 million network cameras will be shipped globally, greatly outpace the shipment of more

NVR Motion Detection Setting

NVRs are now replacing the DVRs to server the video recording function to every digital video surveillance system no matter it is for home security or commercial video surveillance.  In past, when we chose the DVR, we usually focused on the re...

Dahua 3MP WiFi Camera

Dahua ranks as top second video surveillance manufacturer in China, it’s a stock listed company in Shenzhen SME Board. The company basically follows up the strategies that implemented by Hikvision. After seeing the success of Hikvision’s do...