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HD Network Video Recorder NVR

Your DVR/NVR uses the Linux-embedded OS, it should boot properly if it doesn’t encounter any hardware problem. However, all most DVRs/NVRs have been designed with fault detecting algorithm, if the recorder can not recognize the connected H...

Smart WiFi HD Camera

You feel so excited that you get the IP security camera bought several days ago. Now you must wonder where you should position this camera. Certainly, you can conduct a brief survey, then commencing on installation. However, you may wan to k...

Yoosee 4CH/8CH WiFi Camera NVR System

Yoosee 4CH/8CH WiFi Camera Systems are the best choice for users who looking for a complete inexpensive wireless camera system that contains 4 or 8 sets o...

A set of NVR installed with a Seagate HDD

During video surveillance planning stage, we often face a question – how many HDDs should I use for my video surveillance system. Estimating or calculating the required video storage can be quite simple by using the formula, or it can be c...

720P/1080P WiFi Cameras

Some users may notice that your yoosee cameras have added a new menu item – switch to AP mode, after being upgraded firmware. How switch to AP mode works? Just a month ago, we have written an instruction manual to guide users how to use th...