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Hisilicon DVR/NVR

After you forget the password of your DVR/NVR, you’re not able to enter system thus not possible to tweak settings or even playback recorded footage. After security upgrading of the devices, most DVR/NVR products now can not be hacked via network method such as telnet command. If you can not find the method to gai...

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MStar, the renowned semi-conductor company commits to provide cost-effective System-on-Chip for HD TVs, recently unveiled new ARM SoC for HD IP camera solution to compete with Hisilicon. MStar IPC portfolio including MSC313E and MS...

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Recently bought a network video recorder and encountered problems when tried to setup it? Don't be panic, it's not a crisis, here we compile a list that gives you some tips that help you to solve it by yourself. The list includes a solution for common problems or errors including forgot password, error when trying...

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Hisilicon SoC Cameras

Sharing you the complied list of firmware for your IP cameras. These firmware can be compatible with 720p/1080p/4MP/5MP resolution HD cameras based on Hisilicon/Ambarella/Novatek (formerly Grain Media) SoC. With the latest firmware, you can update camera's firmware in case it's corrupted, or upgrade your existing ol...

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8MP/12MP 4K UHD IPC Module

We have complied a list of common IP camera hardware solution based on Hisilicon SoC. These IP cameras can support 1.3-megapixel, 2-megapixel, 5-megapixel, even 4K UHD resolution by incorporating with different CMOS image sensors from Sony, OmniVision, SmartSens. Hisilicon currently offers several different SoCs inc...

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