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Hisilicon Hi3516CV300 Development Kit

HiSilicon Hi3516CV300 is the main stream System-on-chip widely used for Full HD 1080p IP cameras. The SoC is based on ARM926@800MHz core processor, supporting both H.264 and H.265 video compression, up to 1080p@30fps video encoding capability. Hi3516CV300 is able to work with 2-megapixel CMOS image sensors from Sony...

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Smart doorbell support electronic lock integration

New technology changes our life, nowadays IoT devices are prevailing among young people. Smart doorbell allows users to answer door remotely, it not only makes our living more convenient, but also brings peace of mind, apart from answer door and watch live stream, some more

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1080p wireless IP camera

It will be very frustrated when you want to access camera but can not remember the password. You may try to input default password of the device, apparently it doesn’t work since IP cameras require users to modify password intending to prevent it from hacking. In general, you can not solve this problem by yourself...

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Hisilicon DVR/NVR

After you forget the password of your DVR/NVR, you’re not able to enter system thus not possible to tweak settings or even playback recorded footage. After security upgrading of the devices, most DVR/NVR products now can not be hacked via network method such as telnet command. If you can not find the method to gai...

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MStar, the renowned semi-conductor company commits to provide cost-effective System-on-Chip for HD TVs, recently unveiled new ARM SoC for HD IP camera solution to compete with Hisilicon. MStar IPC portfolio including MSC313E and MS...

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