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Unifore supplies the new generation smart security cameras which utilizing the global leading IoT platform - Tuya. The cameras adopts the latest hardware design which employs the 4th generation image processing technology to enhance image quality further. The new product portfolio includes three categories; conventional smart cameras that use conventional power supply to deliver 24 hours video streaming and recording capability, wire-free smart cameras that have rechargeable batteries built-in to offer hassless installation, wire-free camera system pack with a Homebase to help users setup a completely wire-free video surveillance system.



Tuya Outdoor 2K Low Power Battery Camera w PIR Motion Detection AI Human Detection

Tuya Outdoor 2K Low Power Wire-free Battery Camera BC-2KC / BC-2KCB

Tuya wire-free/wireless security camera with rechargeable battery, ultra low power consumption hardware design, 5200mAH or 14100mAH capacity, Type-C USB port for recharging, Passive Infrared motion sensor built-in, high accurate motion detection, 2K video resolution, powered by AI video analytics including human detection, alarming sound detection, crying detection, microSD/SDHC memory card slot for local video recording, 2.4G 802.11n Wi-Fi,  IP66 rated weatherproof suitable for both indoor and outdoor application, compatible with TuyaSmart / Smart Life app. 

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AI Powered Human Face Detection Capturing Pet Detection 4K Resolution Wireless Battery Camera 4mm+8mm Lens

Tuya Outdoor Wire-free 4K UHD Smart Camera with Dual Lens BC-4KB / BC-4KBB

AI Human Face Detection + Capturing, Pet Detection, Tuya Wireless Smart Camera with Dual Lens, 4mm+8mm far near Field of view adjutable, 2K+2K total 4K resolution, ultra low power consumption, built-in rechargeable 18650 type batteries, built-in Passive Infrared Sensor to offer accurate motion detection which is immunte to environmental interference, embedded AI video analytics include video based human detection, alarming sound and crying detection, built-in microSD/SDHC memory card slot to support 256GB video storage, receiving instant push notification, cloud storage, compatible with TuyaSmart / Smart Life app.

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Solar Panel Powered 4G/LTE Wi-Fi Smart PTZ Camera Dual Lens 2x Optical Zoom AI Detection Completely Wire-free

Tuya 4G LTE Wire-Free PTZ Dome Camera 4K UHD Dual Lens

4G LTE (European/North American version)Wireless Outdoor Pan Tilt Dome Camera with Dual-lens, Embedded with AI artificial intelligenc. Dual-lens (with 4mm/8mm, 2K+2K image) image optical zoom function, AI functions such as humanoid detection/sound alarm/cry alarm/face capture/pet recognition. Passive Infrared motion sensor plus microwave radar sensor to provide accurate motion detection. Horizontal/Pan rotation is 0-355 degrees, and the vertical tilt rotation is 90-160 degrees.

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BC-HB12 / BC-HB14

Wire-free Security Camera System Kit (Homebas + Outdoor Cameras) for Residential/Commercial Application

Tuya Wire-free Outdoor Security Camera Pack with HomeBase BC-HB12 / BC-HB14

BC-HB12 / BC-HB14, high quality and reliable security camera kit with a Homebase, including 2x/4x outdoor IP66 rated security cameras that supports long range viewing, built-in PIR motion sensor to offer accurate motion detection, day&night video surveillance, new generation Wi-Fi technology, transmission range up to 300 meters, built-in 5200mA 18650 batteries supporting completely wire-free installation.

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BC-HC12 / BC-HC14

Completely wire-free camera system includes 2/4 1080p camreas and the HomeBase

Tuya 2/4 1080p Wire-free Cameras Pack with HomeBase BC-HC12 / BC-HC14

BC-HC12 / BC-HC14 Includes everything you need to setup a competely wire-free video surveillance system, one Homebase is included which performs as the video recorder that communicates with cameras through 2.4G Wi-Fi, long range distance up to 300 meters, suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Tuya Rugged Outdoor Wireless Smart Security Camera 2K Resolution Long Range Viewing

Tuya Rugged Outdoor Wireless Smart Security 2K Camera JZ-2KA11

Rugged outdoor wireless smart camera, 2K super HD resolution, Ingenic T31 SoC, 2.4G Wi-Fi + 10/100Mbps Ethernet (RJ45), DC12V power input, 24 hours video streaming and recording, 15M Infrared illumination, powered by AI, humanoid detection, sound/crying detection, motion detection, 2-way audio intercom, built-in microSD/SDHC memory card slot, reset button design for convenient maintenance. 

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Tuya Indoor 2K Super HD PTZ Wi-Fi Security Camera 5V DC 10/100M Ethernet

Tuya Indoor 2K Super HD PTZ Wi-Fi Security Camera JZ-2KMP2

Tuya Magic Mirror Smart Security PTZ Camera, 2K Super HD Video Resolution,  Pan Tilt Rotation, 2.4GHz Wi-Fi Wireless Communication, RJ45 Ethernet Connection, Day and Night Video Surveillance with IR Illumination, DC5V 1A Power Input, Built-in MicroSD/SDHC Memory Card Slot, Powered by AI, Supports Humanoid Detection, Video Motion Detection, Sound and Crying Detection

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Tuya 4G LTE Outdoor PTZ Dome Camera 4K UHD Resolution Dual Lights Dual Lens

Tuya Outdoor PTZ  4G LTE 4K UHD Dome Camera with Floodlight  JZ-4KPTG

Dual lights (Floodlight + Infrared light), Dual lens (4mm+8mm), 4K UHD Resolution, built-in 4G LTE Modem to Support Cellular Network Connection, 2.4G Wi-Fi and 10/100Mbps Ethernet (RJ45) Design, Pan 0~355° rotation, Tilt 90~160° Rotation, 2x Optical Zoom, Featuring Face Detection and Capture, Pet Recognition, Humanoid Detection, Sound Alarm, Crying Alarm, microSD/SDHC Memory Card Slot, Cloud Storage, IP66 Rated Weatherproof Design, DC12V 2A Power Input

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