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Cyberattack IP Camera

Besides P2P connection, if users want to access network devices e.g. IP cameras/DVRs/NVRs, port forwarding is an essential step. However, port forwarding or port mapping is a process that open holes in your firewall, which inevitablely make your entire network system insure and it's great likely expose its vulnerabi...

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P2P IP Cameras

Although P2P technology is prevailing in remote accessing for IP cameras/DVRs/NVRs. Most of security devices can support uPnP function, it is a mature accessing protocols which has been verified and advocated by Microsoft. Since it presents for almost two decades, most of

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We are pleased to know you own and use Hikvision products, Hikvision products are high quality and cost competitive when comparing with similar brands. After vulnerabilities revealed by Internet security organization, Hikvision released updates to fix it and your devices no matter it’s an IP camera, DVR, or NVR ar...

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IP camera with a junction box

Correct installation is so crucial for long-time operating of your entire video surveillance system. Security cameras are the front-end parts of it, besides outdoor weather conditions such as rain, snow, sand & dust, it also confronts threats such as wire-cutting, masking, vandalism. When installing security cam...

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IPC Network Camera Video Encoding Settings

Unlike consumer security cameras, professional IP cameras can allow users to tweak each settings of camera. You're able to adjust image parameter and control video encoding. Before we embark on making the modification, we should know the meaning of those parameters, henceforth we are able to achieve our purpose.

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