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  • 4K UHD surveillance network cameras 8MP and 12MP

    4K UHD Image Resolution

    Undoubtedly, new wave of 4K UHD technology changes home electronics industry, since Sony,Samsung, Skyworth, TCL, Konka etc manufacturers launched 4K UHD Television, 4K UHD offers superior image quality, attract a large number of home appliances consumers. In global video surveillance industry, not only many reputable manufacturers launched 4K related products, 4K also gradually forms a complete product chain, has a great possibility to replace 720p and 1080p products. With the rapid development of digital video surveillance technology, the cost of hardware and software gradually decreased, 4K will become popolar within 2 years.

  • 4K vandal-proof panoramic view dome camera - Dahua DH-IPC-EBW81200

    Dahua 360 Panorama  IP Camera Solution

    Recently, Dahua released a 4K panoramic view vandal-proof dome camera DH-IPC-EBW81200. This camera is equipped with 12 megapixel fisheye lens camera module, supports maximum 4000x3000 ultra high definition resolution, apart from its 360 degree panoramic video monitoring, the camera supports smart image split technology, allows user to drag images to view different view angle, meanwhile it integrates with smart video analysis, this camera can be widely used in school, hotel, super-mall, factory...etc places, bring a total different new experience. In 2015 Secutech Taipei exhibition, Dahua's DH-IPC-EBW81200 won "The best IP Camera" award because of its excellent performance.

  • Dahua 3MP WiFi Pan/Tilt Camera IPC-A35 Review

    Dahua 3MP WiFi Camera

    Dahua ranks as top second video surveillance manufacturer in China, it’s a stock listed company in Shenzhen SME Board. The company basically follows up the strategies that implemented by Hikvision. After seeing the success of Hikvision’s domestic brand EZVIZ, Dahua also created a sub-brand – Lecheng (乐橙). Now Chinese consumers can buy Dahua products from Lechang online store.  

  • Dahua acknowledged the failure of distribution strategy

    Dahua Thermal IP Camera on SecuTech 2015

    Dahua - one of pioneer video surveillance system manufacturers. The company encounters one of the biggest challenges - to built marketing, and sale distribution channels in Western markets. Dahua acknowledged the failure of its distribution strategy. Now experts say that instead of solving these problems, Dahua whimpering and frightening consumers. All this has a negative impact on the company's expansion of cheap surveillance products in the western market.

  • Dahua multi-lens 4K panoramic H.265 network camera

    The multi-lens type panoramic network camera, currently is the most convenient and no image distortion way to achieve panoramic video surveillance. Dahua, the second largest security company in China, has already developed several multi-lens panoramic network cameras and launched them into the security market.  Relying on global leading quality and great user-friendly design, these new products have been awarded  “Chinese best design” by domestic authorized institution. 

  • Dahua network video intercom solution

    Dahua Network Video Intercom System

    When some people still have the impression that Dahua merely specializes in video surveillance equipment, Dahua has already expanded its business scope through released access control system, burglar alarm system, as well as video intercom system. Actually Dahua has already tranformed to become a integration solution provider with its new product portfolio.

  • Hacking Hikvision IP Camera - Password

    Hikvision All-in-one NVR DS-7600N1-E1/A

    IP camera utilizes network for video streaming and broadcasting, it's exposed to the possibility of hacking. Since the hacking scandal in domestic market, Hikvision pays great attention to the protection of video surveillance system from hacking. The company recently released latest firmware version 5.3.0 to all IP network cameras. This implementation measure can make IP cameras potentially less vulnerable.

  • Hacking/Accessing Dahua DVR/NVR/IP Camera via Telnet

    Unifore 720P Wi-Fi Camera

    Most IP cameras can support remote access via Telnet protocol. Telnet protocol enables the technician to config or tweak the camera’s settings easily, yet it makes your camera be vulnerable in terms of security. Therefore some brands of IPC don't support telnet, for instance, after the hacking scandal incident, Hikvision products installed with latest firmware no longer supported the telnet access.

  • HDCVI sustainable growth Honeywell launched HDCVI products

    HD video surveillance monitoring room

    Global video surveillance market has new changes. According to IHS survey, the sales turnover of network camera is two times higher than the total sales of analog products. If count the market share, network has already occupied 40%.

    Resulting in price and quantity of unequal proportion, mainly because the price of coaxial HD products are relatively cheaper than network products, slightly higher than the price of conventional products. Analog HD products are ideal for selling in distribution channels, they are very popular among customers from residential, retail, commercial etc small and medium video surveillance projects. So some experts and manufacturers reckon that although the network camera is the mainstream, but the introduction of high-definition cameras slows down the speed which network cameras rapidly occupy market share.

  • IP camera installation - how to use Dahua alarm input/output

    FAQ: How to use IP camera's alarm I/O

    As we know, professional IP cameras have alarm input and output interface for security integration solution. Users can use this interface to connect other security devices such as PIR motion sensor, door sensor, perimeter beam sensor...etc. This article is intended to give a guideline for connecting alarm input/output interface of Dahua, Messoa, Sony...and more IP cameras. 

  • IR Bullet Network Camera: Dahua IPC-HFW4300S Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I

    Dahua IPC-HFW4300S - SecurityBros

    Hikvision and Dahua are leaders in the video surveillance industry. These two companies offer a wide range of security equipment to provide security & protection solution. As the major competitor in both domestic and oversea market, both companies utilize the Ambarella's HD video solution, Dahua and Hikvision developed and manufactured products share similar designs. In this article, we share the review published by Chris. 

  • Review&Test 4 Chinese Network IR PTZ Dome Cameras

    2.0 MP 1080p Network PTZ Dome Camera

    Network PTZ dome cameras enter era of high definition, the development of network PTZ dome camera meet the needs of market. PTZ dome camera itself has the great flexibility, pan & tilt mechanical design with powerful optical zoom lens, it's inevitable choice for large video surveillance monitoring area. In this test, we choose 4 different network PTZ dome cameras that represent the latest frontier technology of PTZ dome camera, also represent the continuous improvement and development of network PTZ. 

  • Test & Review 2MP H.265 Network Camera DH-IPC-HFW8238E-Z-IRA Dahua

    4K/Ultra HD H.265 Network Camera

    "Latest compression technologies bring new possibilities to UHD video surveillance" - ASMAG magazine. It seems 4K/UHD will replace the current 1080p to become the next standard format in video surveillance market. We also realize that the cost of Full HD 1080p network cameras keeps decreasing, low price battle leads to fierce competition, will push manufacturers develop high-end products, so some experts predict that 4K/UHD will become popular in 2018.

  • Test & Review Dahua Star-light Network PTZ Camera SD6AL230F-HNI

    Dahua Star-light Network PTZ Camera SD6AL230F-HNI

    PTZ dome cameras are widely used in commercial video surveillance applications such as safe city, air-port, train station, sea-port, stadium etc. Today, we bring you the SD6AL230F-HNI from Dahua Ultra-smart series portfolio. SD6AL230F-HNI is a 6-inch size 2MP Star-light network PTZ camera, it delivers full high definition video even in star-light condition, also features with intelligent 3D positioning, smart video analytics etc technologies. By the way, it utilizes a laser emitter to provide 500 meters night vision distance.

  • Vehicle/Mobile DVR HD-CVI vs HD-TVI

    Dahua Vehicle/Mobile DVR

    Nowadays, there are many different vehicle DVRs available in the market. Although it's a small segment market of DVR, many manufacturers released mobile DVRs to join the competition. The mini compact mobile DVR owns all function that a typical DVR has. With the analog HD technology emerging, recently, Dahua upgrade its vehicle DVR to support HD-CVI technology, meanwhile Hikvision releases HD-TVI vehicle DVR.

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