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  • 2016 latest gadgets for burglary protection & home automation

    Mi ZigBee Smart Home Automation Kit

    In smart home automation field, burglar alarm products become the early home consumer products, occupying a large market share, however as it has its own disadvantages, now many products are going through significant change, including front-end security sensors.

    The alarm monitoring market is no longer dominated by traditional monitoring service companies. Thanks for the rapid development of smartphone technology, a huge amount of startup companies spring up and release new burglar alarm products that fully support Android and iPhone. Meanwhile, some conventional security companies are striving to catch up. 

  • Grain Media SoC + High-Flying module Home Automation Solution

    Grain Media GM813x SoC IP Camera Solution

    IP cameras feature home automation function becomes the new trend in today’s video surveillance industry. Last year, the Starvedia (Lorex® OEM manufacturer) launched HD IP camera leverages Z-Wave module to achieve home automation integration. Here, we introduce you the Grain Media SoC + High-flying wireless modules home automation solution.

  • Hive - Smart Home Security System Z-Wave ZigBee

    Hive - Smart Home Security System

    Hive - is another new startup company in smart home industry, they are trying to design Z-wave and ZigBee communication standards based smart home and security system. The Hive system includes Hive Hub which is an advanced control unit connects to your home router, it offers versatile functions and built-in 3G modem, as well as WiFi, Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and ZigBee communication protocols, hence it works with Z-wave technology embedded wireless home automation sensors including remote socket, Z-wave PIR motion sensor, Z-wave Door/Window sensor and more.

  • SMAhome magazine: Smart plug Keeps Home Energy in Check

    WiFi/Z-Wave/ZigBee Smart Plugs

    Considering to buy a smart plug for remote controlling? The smart home automation magazine - SMAHome listed the latest smart plugs across different manufacturers on its July issue magazine. Whatever you want to use smart plugs to control home appliances or just play with it for fun, you may find a suitable smart plug for your specific application.

  • Smart home automation ZigBee Z-Wave Gateway - QBee

    QBee Home Automation Gateway

    Introducing you the ASKEY QBee, which is a home gateway that integrated with ZigBee, Z-Wave, DECT-ULE, Bluetooth and AllJoyn technologies. ASKEY QBee system is based on Android system, user can install any kinds of Apps and access the content you want. Additionally, QBee offers simple, and secure personal cloud solution, store your contents on the built-in hard drive or any USB hard drive that you connect to QBee Gateway. Furthermore, the system can offer a complete home automation solution through utilizing a wide range of ZigBee, Z-Wave devices.

  • Smart Home IP Camera has Z-Wave Integration

    Smart Building Design/Banner

    We are entering into industrial 4.0 era, while the Z-Wave technology is gaining more popularity in smart home applications, Unifore, the China smart home solution provider, has observed the trend and brought a Z-Wave based gateway feature to its home camera. With this value-added camera as a center, users can exert full control over Z-Wave sensors/accessories in their residences.

  • Smart Home Technologies ZigBee vs Z-Wave, DECT-ULE

    Smart Home - DECT, Z-Wave, ZigBee

    Traditional analog system moves to smart IP system, meanwhile home alarm system starts to integrate with smartphone applications, also extends its functionality to smart home automation. Industry standards can accelerate the technology development, based on mature technology standards, security manufacturers and new startup enterprises can develop innovative products with specific features into market. In security industry, DECT-ULE, Wi-Fi, ZigBee, Z-Wave are primary standards. Today, consumers can find diversity smart home automation devices which adopt one of these protocols.

  • Squid.link gateway (ZigBee&Z-Wave) brings you the future in IoT

    Developroduct Squid.link gateway

    Internet of Things (IoT) is the main trend in today's home electronics market, Z-Wave & ZigBee smart home automation, smart alarm system, remote energy management, even healthcare are the important market segments we currently know for Internet of Things. Develco Products, used to be a consulting company in Denmark, recently the company released Squid.link gateway, which is an all-in-one gateway that integrated with WiFi, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Wireless M-Bus main stream smart home automation platforms.

  • StarVedia IP Camera IC731w/z Supports Z-Wave

    StarVedia IP Camera

    StarVedia Technology Inc. is a professional manufacturer of video and network security equipment, the company's new product IC731z - smart home IP camera, once again won the 2015 Taipei COMPUTEX d&i awards. With built-in smart home gateway and inclusion of Z-Wave technology is the highlight of StarVedia IP camera IC731z.

  • Swocket WiFi Socket Makes your Home Smart

    Swocket WiFi Socket

    We have to admit that smart home automation product is really popular, especially those products based on smartphone Application. Starting to use smartphone automation, you may not use an expensive and sophisticated system, just buying a smart plug or socket. Consumers can find a variety of smart plugs utilize different wireless technologies including WiFi, Z-Wave, ZigBee, DECT ULE, RF433 etc.

  • Wireless Z-Wave Home Automation System - Fibaro System

    Z-Wave Home Automation System

    Fibaro System, Poland based smart automation/control system brand. The company offers wireless smart home automation solution utilized Z-Wave protocol. The company offers Home Center 2, Home Center Lite system, a wide range of wireless sensors and accessories (including motion sensor, flood sensor, smoke sensor, door/window sensor, RGBW LED lamp, smart wall plug).

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