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  • 4-Megapixel/2K 2.4G+5G Wi-Fi Wireless PTZ Dome Outdoor Camera SSC30KD Solution

    4-megapixel 2.4G 5G Wi-Fi PTZ Camera SSC30KD

    Introducing you the latest IP camera module MY-E40 for 4-megapixel wireless PTZ dome outdoor camera featuring 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi.

  • Introduction of 4K/8MP Security Camera Mstar SSC328Q OS08A10 Solution

    4K UHD Camera Module MSTAR SSC328Q OS08A10

    Unifore, the leading security equipment manufacturer is proudly to introduce you the MC800L security camera module. The MC800L is a 8K resolution camera module based on Mstar SSC328Q SoC and OmniVision OS08A10 image sensor. Relying on its 8-megapixel CMOS image sensor, the product can deliver 4K resolution 20 frames per second video. Similar to other 4K solution, the product has built-in H.265/HEVC codec engine, supporting H.264 and H.265 video compression standard.

  • IP Camera Solution MStar SSC335/SSC337DE + Sony IMX307/SC4320

    IPC Module Mstar SSC335/SC337DE

    The sanction toward Huawei by US goverment has impacted the security camera market. Nowadays it becomes difficult to buy security cameras which utilize SoC from Hisilicon (Hisilicon is the subsidiary of Huawei, specializes in designing SoC for smartphones, TV boxes, IPCs and NVRs). If you can no longer buy IP cameras based on Hisilicon SoC (e.g. Hi3516A/C/D, Hi3519A/C/D), you may check products that based on MSTAR SoCs. In addition to the popular MSC313E, MSC316DM, MStar has already launched MStar 33 series SoC to meet the leftover market.

  • MStar Camera Firmware Download MS200J2 MC400L2 MC400L

    MStar MSC313E Camera Module

    We have compiled a list of firmware for Mstar hardware based security cameras. The firmware is newly released that fix many bugs and support features including HTML5 player and RTMP stream protocol. The firmware is compatible with Mstar MSC313E and MSC316DM SoC cameras. These cameras may either adopt Sony or Smartsens CMOS image sensors can capture 2MP, 4MP, or 5MP resolution video.

  • MStar H.265+ Smart HD Network Cameras MSC313E MSC316DM

    MStar H.265 HD IP Camera Smart Video Analytics

    Unifore is proud to launch cost-effective network cameras to cater the increasing needs for affordable IP surveillance system. The new series IP cameras are based on industry-leading SoC from MStar. MStar is a global leader in supplying application specific ICs (ASIC) for the consumer and Image processing product markets. MStar is renowned by its reputation on TV industry, its processor has been widely used in smart TV sets.

  • Mstar HD IP Camera Solution MC316D SoC + IMX323/AR0237 Image Sensor

    Mstar 4K TV Processor/SoC

    Mstar is a renowned semi-conductor company specializes in IC design for TV and monitors, the company recently released the processor chip model MC316D for IP security camera solution. Mstar MC316D is a high-performance HD video processor that has a H.264 and H.265 video compression engine built-in, the chip is able to process 1920x1080P25 resolution video. By combining the ON Semiconductor AR0237 and Sony IMX323 CMOS image sensor, the product can be used for 1080p Wi-Fi cameras.

  • Mstar MSC313E MSC316DM IP Camera RTSP URL

    Mstar 4K/8-megapixel IP camera Module

    Most of network cameras rely on RTSP stream protocol to deliver live video and audio stream. It helps camera to be linked other security system and multimedia devices such as NVR, NAS, VMS, home automation system. In order to use this function, you have to know what the URL format of the RTSP.

  • MStar MSC313E MSC316DM MSC318 IP Camera SoC Datasheet SDK

    MStar, the renowned semi-conductor company commits to provide cost-effective System-on-Chip for HD TVs, recently unveiled new ARM SoC for HD IP camera solution to compete with Hisilicon. MStar IPC portfolio including MSC313E and MSC316DM, as well as MSC318. Among them MSC313E and MSC316DM have widely deployed in security cameras, MSC313E supports 1080P FHD resolution, while MSC316DM supports max. 5-megapixel resolution, all SoCs embedded H.265/HEVC codec engine to catch the trend. In this article, we share the datasheet info for them, you also can download the SDK package which helps you to develop your own products.

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