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Hisilicon DVR/NVR

How to reset DVR/NVR’s password - 100% working 2019 version

After you forget the password of your DVR/NVR, you’re not able to enter system thus not possible to tweak settings or even playback recorded footage. After security upgrading of the devices, most DVR/NVR products now can not be hacked via network method such as telnet command. If you can not find the method to gain access, your device will be useless. This article shows you how to obtain a generated password to enter the system, this method requiring users to download and run “Superpassword” tool, the tool will generate a temporary password which is valid within one hour.

Download the superadmin tool:

File: https://support.unifore.net/file/SuperPassword.zip

Superadmin tool is an executable file, compatible with Windows 32/64 bit OS. Double click .exe file can run immediately, installation is not required. Based on algorithm, the tool can calculate a password after input date and time. The password tool works for Hisilicon based DVR/NVR, including recorders that use Hi3520, Hi3520D, Hi3521A, Hi3521D, Hi3531, Hi3535, Hi3536.

How to use superadmin tool?

1.Connecting your device to the monitor, and write down the current data and time displayed on monitor.
2.Double click “Superadmin.exe” executable file.
3.Select the date and time from calendar to match your DVR/NVR’s date and time.

Superpassword tool
4.Click “Do it” to generate a temporary password
5.Using mouse to operate the DVR/NVR, enter username “admin”, then input temporary password, now you’re able to enter system to tweak NVR again.

How to reset DVR/NVR’s password?

As far as we know, today most DVR/NVR can not support be reset through hardware operation. They only allow admin users to reset system after logon. It’s impossible to reset the recorder if you forget the password. Some very old DVR recorders can be reset by pressing key/buttons in front of panel, people may consult with original manufacturers/suppliers.

Can DVR/NVR be reset by CMOS button battery?

Similar to computers, each main-board of DVR/NVR devices has a 3V button battery. Some people may naively think by short-circuiting or taking battery out will reset the DVR/NVR. However, doing this only reset the date and time of your device, it will not reset the password. On contrary, password and settings are stored in flash memory.

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