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20 megapixel IP camera Sony SNC-VM772R

Overview and close-up: 20 megapixel (5472 x 3648) IP camera

When we realize that IP video surveillance system replaces the analog video surveillance system, and becomes the inevitable and un-stoppable trend. The 4K (3840x2160 approximate 8.29 megapixels) / 8K (7680x4320 approximate 33.2 megapixel) ultra high definition (UHD) concept emerged in IP-based video surveillance. In order to occupy the high-end market share, many security camera manufacturers developed and launched IP cameras that delivers 4K ultra high definition with the latest video compression technology - H.265 

The IP camera's performance mainly is determined by two core components: CMOS image sensor and SoC Chipset. As the pioneer SoC chipset semiconductor companies, both Ambarella and Hisilicon released H.265 based chipsets to make ultra high definition technology becomes realistic in video surveillance industry. Sony - the giant company specializes in developing and manufacturing home electronics and electronic components, the company ranks No.1 in CMOS imaging technology.  Recently, the company released its first 4K network security camera which utilizes a 20 megapixels high sensitive 1.0 inch back-illuminated Exmor R CMOS image sensor.

 4K Outdoor IR ruggedised dome camera Sony SNC-VM772R

For the common video surveillance applications, security experts will recommend 1080p full HD video surveillance products to establish a high definition, high-efficient and affordable price network video surveillance system. Why 4K or 8K ultra high definition, what's the advantage of 4K/8K advantage?

4K UHD solution is ideal for some professional network video surveillance applications such as traffic control, railway and airport security and city surveillance. The 4K imaging technology is able to provide extra detail. Ultra high definition incorporated with powerful analytics and smart setup, allowing an exciting new range of video monitoring applications.  Users will clearly see the different that 4K IP cameras deliver in any environment, with dramatically increased efficiency and lower operational costs compared with conventional video security solutions.  "4K opens up exciting new monitoring possibilities by offering 4x the resolution of full HD. " quotes from Sony's latest news release. 

Sony First 4K Network Camera

SNC-VM772R is Sony's first 4K Outdoor IR ruggedised dome camera. In addition to delivering detail-packed 4K (at 30fps) video stream with a minimum illumination of 0.06 lx - even in near darkness, SNC-VM772R supports multiple advanced functions, including Sony automatic picture settings which can be automatically selected to suit different variety of environments, camera equipped with a 8.8mm to 25.7mm motorized zoom lens offers total 11.6x zoom (optical zoom 2.9x, clear image zoom 2.0x, digital zoom 2.0x) capability. 

Intelligent Cropping Technology

Another highlight of this camera is its intelligent cropping technology. The intelligent cropping allows up to four specific areas of interest to be observed with 4K native resolution, while providing a simultaneous overview of the entire image at 1080p full HD resolution. The SNC-VM772R can support VGA intelligent cropping mode and FHD intelligent cropping mode; in VGA mode, the camera can output four separate streams at VGA (640x480) that provide close-ups of particular areas of interest, meanwhile a full HD resolution for overview, in FHD mode, the camera can output one overview full HD video stream, in parallel with two separate  close-up streams at 1080p full HD resolution.

Intelligent cropping technology

Multi-tracking + Intelligent coding

Sony SNC-VM772R can support multi-tracking and intelligent coding functions. In cropping modes, user can select the moving objects (such as walking people, moving vehicles) to track in each split views. This function can be a compelling alternative to traditional monitoring that requires multiple PTZ cameras to track several objects simultaneously. Network bandwidth and storage are important factors to consider when deploy the network video surveillance system. Similar to other smart IP cameras, Sony SNC-VM772R supports ROI coding, based on user-defined ROI (Region of Interest), camera can decrease a non-ROI’s image quality to save maximum bandwidth and storage, and those regions of interest will be smartly transmitted with great details and better image quality under the same bit rate streaming conditions.

HDMI Output + 20 megapixel high quality motion video

The SNC-VM772R has another innovative design, it's equipped with a HDMI interface. The camera can directly connect to 1080p full HD resolution monitor for other visual monitoring applications. Additionally, it can capture a sequence of 20 megapixel (5472x3648) motion JPEG frames at 2.5 fps in parallel with a 1440x960 pixel video stream. The motion recording can be triggered by external security sensors or video analysis based motion detection. 

Sony SNC-VM772R with HDMI Interface

 In conclusion, Sony SNC-VM772R is a ground-breaking camera that not only delivers ultra high definition video stream, but also comes with some creative designs, it's noted that the camera has built-in MicroSD card slot for on-board storage, with built-in IR illuminators for night vision. Although this is latest 4K resolution network camera, it doesn't use the H.265 video compression technology. Compared with current H.264, H.265 is capable of further reducing 50% the data rate requested for high quality video coding. Bitrate is claimed to have approximate 40% to 50% down at 1080p while rendering superb image quality. 

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