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Iris Recognition

Sony Unveiled IMX332 Sensor for Iris Recognition Applications

After fingerprint recognition is commonly applied to smartphones, Iris recognition probably is the second bio-recognition technologies. 

Sony recently unveiled the IMX332, which is a 1/6.9-inch size image sensor adopts 1.12um unit size architecture, features 1080P video resolution at max. frame rate 60fps. Compared with its predecessor – IMX132, the new CMOS image sensor has greatly improved its sensitivity on Infrared wavelength 810nm up to 70%, the Iris recognition distance can reach 40 centimeter. Because it keeps the same design on pixel size, image size and PIN, this allows existing clients can easily upgrade their solution without modification of layout.

Additionally, the new image sensor consumes 40% less power than IMX132. According to the press release, IMX332 is predicted to start mass production in Q3, 2017.

Iris Scanner Development Kit
Iris scanner module, compact and small size can be used in payment devices such as POS, ATM, VTM, Smartphone or tablet. It is compromised of Iris recognition CMOS image sensor, it can be OmniVision OV2281 or Sony IMX132, the lens is Sunny 2D11B-400 dedicated to Iris recognition, Infrared LED comes from OSRAM SFH4786S.

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