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2017 Sony Network HD Camera

Sony 2017 new series network security cameras offer 0.006Lux sensitivity

6th December, 2016  - Sony announced the release of new series HD network security cameras (G6) to meet the increasing day/night video surveillance demand from users. Relying on Sony leading image signal processing technology, the new series products have the capability to capture higher resolution and better image quality image, also featuring excellent low illumination sensitivity,  it’s the first choice to city surveillance, transportation, government facility and more commercial video surveillance applications.

The launched HD network cameras including V and E two series:

“V” series including model SNC-VB640, SNC-VB642D, SNC-VM641 and SNC-VM642R. “E” series including model SNC-EB640, SNC-EB642R, SNC-EM641 and SNC-EM642R. All new product can achieve 1080p at 60 frames per second video shooting, boasting high sensitivity and View-DR function, also supporting audio I/O, SD card, easy focus and PoE functions. “V” sereis can support dual voltage power supply (AC24V/DC12V), including alarm I/O interface.

Leveraging the excellent lens, image processor and CMOS sensor, new G6 series products take advantage of Sony’s robust technology. Compared with rival’s security cameras, Sony camera owns superior imaging performance, can output clearer, and fine detailed, accurate color reproduction image that enhanced the accuracy of video surveillance.

Sony Network HD Dome Camera
Sony Network HD Dome Camera
Sony Network HD  Bullet Camera
Sony Network HD Camera

Thanks to Sony exclusive Exmor R CMOS image sensor and the XDNR dynamic noise reduction technology, the new product improved the signal noise ratio level significantly, now can achieve 0.006Lux (30IRE) and 0.01Lux (50IRE) star-light low illumination performance. Under extreme low light condition, the ultra sensitivity ensures the accuracy of color reproduction, quite help users to identify details from the video. Since there is a high demand for city night surveillance, Sony extreme low light technology has a great market potential. 

Utilizing “V” series products in dark environment, users can capture the object within 100 meters monitored area, while adopting the “E” series products also can see up to 60 meters. Moreover, the Exmor R CMOS sensor integrated with powerful internal IR component to enable camera to capture image without over-exposure IR problem, that’s the Smart IR function.

In order to meet the user’s practical demands, Sony has improved the camera’s performance from functionality perspective, especially enhanced the 2-way audio and on-board SD card video storage in “E” series products.  “E” series can support low-cost remote 2-way intercom and audio encoding and recording; while the SD card can backup the video footage in case the network connection is interrupted. 

New series product in addition to improve the imaging performance, meanwhile keeps the existing user interface and video management software, therefore users can easily use.

“As the core of Sony video security business, providing better quality image is our obligation.”,  Qi Xiaobo said - the Product Manager, Sony Asia Professional.  Qi also addressed, “This is the reason why Sony keeps on concentrating on R&D therefore to meet the market demand. The high sensitivity is the top priority in the beginning design, with a wealth of features, can help improve user experience, also make video surveillance operation more accurate and fast.”

The new G6 series products are expected to be available in the market on March, 2017.

What's the Sony XDNR technology?

XDNR = eXcellent dynamic noise reduction, it's a kind of image noise reduction technology used in security cameras. Sony's latest XDNR technology adopts 2D+ 3D noise reduction methods adaptively to scenes. 

Compared with conventional noise reduction technology, the XDNR is able to minimize the motion blur, therefore provide clear images for both moving objects and still portions of the image. 

What's the View-DR?

View-DR = view dynamic range, which is the Sony's latest imaging technology helps camera to capture clear image when the camera works under an extreme wide dynamic range. The working theory is the camera uses an electric shutter to capture multiple images, to reproduce each frame. View-DR is quite similar to Sensor-based WDR technology. One image is taken using a 'standard/long' exposure time and either one or three images are taken using very short exposure times depending on the camera type. With the newly developed View-DR algorithm, all of the incident light is captured and converted to electrons by the image sensor, which is quite different from DynaView™ and some other Wide-D technologies in the industry that discard approximately 1/2 of the electrons. Consequently, View-DR can nearly doubles the sensitivity compared with conventional wide dynamic range technologies. To capture multiple HD resolution images at a very high speed, the Exmor™ CMOS sensor was adopted because of its high-speed readout characteristics. During the process of combining multiple images, the Visibility Enhancer is employed to provide a high level of chrominance and luminance. With View-DR, the monitored images become very visible - sometimes even more than when viewed with our naked eyes. 

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