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Motorized Zoom Lens IP Camera Module

2MP/1080P IP Camera CMOS Sensor IMX323 vs IMX322

Sony excels in CMOS image sensor developing and manufacturing, IMX322 and IMX323 are two flagship models in 2MP/1080P CMOS image sensor portfolio. Both the image sensors share the same main feature, yet IMX323 is the cost down product adopts new chip scale package design, thus its dimension is much smaller.

On hardware perspective, your camera’s video capturing capability was determined by two main factors; SoC – core processor handle image processing and encoding, CMOS image sensor – capturing raw image. In the market, we can find 2-megapixel IP cameras utilize Hisilicon Hi3516C SoC and incorporate IMX323 or IMX322 CMOS image sensors. Which one solution is better? By coincidence, we have cameras adopted both different solutions, here we can compare them.

HD IP Camera Modules
HD IP Camera Modules

Sony IMX323 Sample Video Day Time


Sony IMX322 Sample Video Day Time


Sony IMX323 Sample Video Night with IR


sony IMX322 Sample Video Night with IR


Other Sony SoC and CMOS Sensor Products

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