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Sony ISX017 Starvis IP Camera Module

Sony ISX017 Starvis CMOS Image Sensor + ISP

Introduction to the Sony ISX017, which is a DOL (Digital over lap) WDR and Starvis supported image sensor integrated with image signal processor design. Thanks to its Exmor R BSI and Near Infrared technology, this image sensor is able to capture clear color image even under 0.005Lux low illumination conditions. Including the rich rich peripheral design such as PWM, GPIO, CIS RGBW, I2C, SPI, UART and YUV/Raw Digital, this enables manufacturers to simplify final product design and develop mini size compact products.

According to the datasheet, ISX017 is a 1/3.2" type 1.27 megapixel progressive scan CMOS image sensor can capture 720p resolution video at 60 frames per second. ISX(numbers) starts a new series of SONY part numbering system. "S" stands for stacked, which is a evolution path further beyond the normal BSI CMOS image sensors. Many support circuits are also embedded and implemented on the non-sensing side of the image sensor.

It makes the photon-sensitive area a bit higher than the normal BSI version. Regarding the ISX017-0AWR, this specific part has "clear" and RGB pixels forming a 2x2 array. Having a clear pixel is beneficial for low light, assuming the sensor design allows for different exposure time for "L" (mono) and RGB (color) channels. Interesting it has a composite video output (means it has a DSP/ISP inside.)

  • RGBW type can achieve true day/night surveillance without using ICR-filter.
  • Embedded with Sony image signal processor, supporting DOL WDR function.
  • Can be used in IP camera, HD CCTV cameras, Video doorphone, Car cameras etc products.
ISX017-0AWR Camera Block Diagram
ISX017-0AWR Camera Block Diagram
ISX017-0AQR Camera Block Diagram
ISX017-0AQR Camera Block Diagram
Image size Diagonal 5.68mm (Type 1/3.2)
Number of active pixels 1297(H) x 977(V) Approx. 1.27 megapixel
Aspect ratio 16:9 (HD 720P)
Frame rate 60 frames per second
Technology Back illuminated
Unit cell size 3.5 μm (H) × 3.5 μm (V)
Input clock frequency 27MHz
Package Ceramic LGA
G Sensitivity (F5.6) Type. 2040mV (Tentative): RBG Bayer
2180mV (Tentative): RBGW Type
Saturation signal Min. 722mV (Tentative)
Output interface CMOS parallel 1.8V: 108Mbps 16bit
MIPI CSI-2 2/4lane
Composite video out
Power supply voltage VDD (Type.) 2.9V / 1.8V /3.3V /1.1 V

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