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Sony CMOS Image Sensor

Sony IMX326 IMX274 DOL-HDR CMOS Image Sensors

Sony keeps concentrating on offering the reliable and competitive CMOS image sensors dedicated to HD video surveillance market. Currently, Sony has launched 1.62um pixel unit CMOS image sensor that integrated its exclusive digital overlap-HDR technology. Sony IMX326LQC is a 6.82-megapixel CMOS image sensor, and the IMX274LQC supports up to 8MP effective pixels, both of them are back-illuminated type CMOS sensors.

Sony IMX326 IMX274

Under ADC 10bit mode, the Sony IMX326 is able to capture 60 frames per second video with 6 megapixel resolution, the resolution format is 3086x2196. Additionally, if capturing under 30fps mode, the CMOS sensor can support DOL-HDR function, therefore can output WDR video. This advantage enables the IMX326 become the best candidate for diverse applications. IMX326 adopts 10.7mm (H)x8.5mm(V)x1.62(mm) package size design, this small size design make it suitable for multi-lenses structure panoramic cameras. Lastly, IMX326 shares the exact same PIN design with the IMX274.

Sony IMX326 and IMX274 images sensors can be widely used in various video surveillance or industrial camera applications. We expect these image sensors will be integrated with Hisillicon or Ambarella SoCs, e.g. IMX274 + Hi3519, IMX326 + Hi3516A

Sony IMX274 Hi3519 IMX326 Hi3516A
Sony IMX274 Hi3519 IMX326 Hi3516A

IMX274 + Hi3519 4K IP Camera

IMX274 + Hi3519 solution based IP camera can deliver up to 4K UHD resolution (3840x2160) video with 30fps frame rate, IMX274’s DOL-HDR enables the camera to capture clear image even under difficult lighting condition. Moreover, the Hisilicon Hi3519 can support both H.264 and H.265 video compression standard. In H.265 mode, the camera is able to deliver smooth video up to 4K resolution, the bandwidth and video storage can reduce to half.

IMX326 + Hi3516A 5MP IP Camera

By utilizing the IMX326 image sensor and HI3516A SoC, security manufacturers can provide 5MP@30fps or 6MP@20fps network cameras. Similar to Hi3519, the Hi3516A SoC also can support H.265 codec. Hisilicon is one of the leading HD video solution provider, the company recently released Hi3516CV300 which can support Full HD 1080p H.265 video encoding.

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