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List of CMOS image sensors that used in security cameras

Image sensor plays the role as the eye of your security cameras, it determines the image resolution and quality. Here we share you a list that includes the most popular CMOS image sensors used in security cameras. By knowing the main specification of CMOS image sensor, you're able to know the overal performance of your security cameras, also know whether the camera justifies the price or not.

Manufacturer Model Main Specification
OmniVision OV5658 1/3.2,2592 x 1944,Pixel Size:1.75 µm,Image Area:4592 x 3423 µm
  OV4689 1/3",2688x1520,Pixel Size:2.0 µm,Image Area:5440 x 3072 µm
  OV2718 1/2.9",1080P,Pixel Size:2.8 µm,Image Area:5482.35 x 3202 µm
  OV9732 1/4",720P,Pixel Size:3.0 µm,Image Area:3888 x 2208 µm
  OS05A10 1/2.7,2688 x 1944,Pixel Size:2.0 µm,Image Area:5434.56 x 3948.05 µm
  OS08A10 1/2,3840x2160,Pixel Size:2.0 µm,Image Area:7736.256 x 4379.616 µm
SONY IMX178 1/1.8"(8.92mm),6.44M,Pixel Size:2.4 µm,starvis
  IMX185 1/1.9"(8.58mm),2.38M,Pixel Size:3.75 µm,starvis
  IMX124 1/2.8"(6.46mm),3.21M,Pixel Size:2.5 µm,starvis
  IMX290 1/2.8"(6.46mm),2.13M,Pixel Size:2.9 µm,DOL-HDR,starvis
  IMX291 1/2.8"(6.46mm),2.13M,Pixel Size:2.9 µm,starvis
  IMX274 1/2.5"(7.20mm),8.51M,Pixel Size:1.62 µm,DOL-HDR,starvis
  IMX323 1/2.9"(6.23mm),2.19M,Pixel Size:2.8 µm,starvis
  IMX226 1/1.7"(9.33mm),12.40M,Pixel Size:1.85 µm,starvis
  IMX326 1/2.9"(6.15mm),6.82M,Pixel Size:1.62 µm,DOL-HDR,starvis
  IMX327 1/2.8"(6.46mm),2.13M,Pixel Size:2.9 µm,DOL-HDR,starvis
  IMX307 1/2.8"(6.46mm),2.13M,Pixel Size:2.9 µm,DOL-HDR,starvis
SmartSens SC1145 1/4”,4.41mm,1M,3.0µm
  SC1245 1/4”,4.514mm,1M,3.0µm
  SC1135 1/3”,6.00mm,1.3M,3.75µm
  SC1235 1/3”,5.53mm,1.3M,3.75µm
  SC5035 1/2.7”,6.4mm,5.0M,2.0µm,non-HDR:64dB/HDR:100dB,S/N:35dB
  SC3035M 1/3”,6.09mm,3.0M,2.2µm
  SC2135 1/2.7”,6.61mm,2.0M,3µm
  SC2235 1/2.7”,6.48mm,2.0M,3µm
  SC2236 1/2.7”
SOI H42 1/4”,1.0M,3µm
  H61 1/3”,1.0M,3.75µm
  F22 1/2.7”,2.0M,3µm
  k02 1/2.7”,4.0M,2.2µm
PIXart PS5220 1/2.7”,2.0M,3µm
Galaxycore GC1024 1/3.6”,1.0M,3.4µm
Aptina AR0130 1/3.0”,1.2M,3.75µm
  AR0230 1/2.7”,2.1M,3.00µm/105dB WDR/HDR
  AR0330 1/3”,3.5M,2.20µm
  MT9P006 1/2.5”,5.0M,2.20µm
  MT9P031 1/2.5”,5.0M,2.20µm
  AR0521 1/2.5",5.1MP@ 60 fps,2.20µm
Panasonic MN34220 1/2.86”,2.36M,2.75µm
  MN34229 1/3”,2.12M,2.75µm