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Sony unveiled IMX335 5-megapixel HDR CMOS image sensor for video surveillance and industry camera products

Sony continuously develop high quality and high competitive CMOS image sensors which are dedicated to video surveillance and industry camera applications. Recently, Sony unveiled IMX335, a total 5.14 megapixel back-illuminated CMOS image sensor which features exclusive digital overlap high dynamic range (DOL-HDR) and video sync function.

According to the news release, the Sony IMX335 supports slow motion shooting, its video capturing capability is 5MP@60fps under ADC 10 color mode. Additionally, if capturing video at 30 frames per second, it can support DOL-HDR function to output crystal clear image even under high contrast lighting conditions. Moreover, it’s the first CMOS image sensor can support video sync function so that can greatly extend viewing angle for video surveillance applications.

Sony CMOS Video Sync Function
Sony CMOS Video Sync Function

Video sync function is also called image stitching function can combine two video seamlessly therefore output a wide angle video or even 360°/720°. it's the core technology for multi-sensor panoramic cameras.

Similar to IMX326 CMOS, the new CMOS adopts 1/2.8 inch optical small size design, small package size design enables multiple CMOS sensors can be used in one product, Sony IMX335 is the ideal choice for your HQ video surveillance cameras and industrial cameras.

Sony IMX335 Specification
Model IMX335
Image size Diagonal 6.52mm (type 1/2.8)
Format 4:3
Color filter RGB
Technology Back illuminated, SHCG
Number of effective pixels 2616 (H) x 1964 (V) Approx. 5.14MP
Unit cell size (H)x(V) 2.0um x 2.0um
G sensitivity (Typ.) 500mV
Sensor saturation signal (Min.) >880mV (Target)
Maximum frame rate (Progressive scan mode) 10 bit: 60 frame/s
12 bit: 30 frame/s
High dynamic range (HDR) >Readout overlap DOL HDR
(2F 10bit 30fps) (3F 10bit 15fps)
Power supply 2.9V (Analog) / 1.2V (Digital) 1.8V (Digital I/F)
Maximum gain of internal amplifier (total) 72dB
Interface MIPI D-PHY/4 lane
Package CSP

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