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Sony CXD5700GG ISP Diagram

IP camera solution: Sony CXD5700 IMX123 IMX290 IMX224 Image Sensors

According to Sony Professional, the company recently unveiled new image signal processor - CXD5700GG, it primarily works with Sony exclusive DOL-HDR CMOS image sensors, utilizing CXD5700GG processor, IP cameras can take full advantage of image sensor's DOL-HDR function, different from conventional HDR function which take the picture with two different exposures, the newly developed DOL-HDR function will take the picture with three different exposures in order to improve the image clarity.

Most of HDTV video signal processors from Ambarella adopt the HDR imaging function to provide vivid color image. DOL-HDR, stands for digital overlap high dynamic range, it's one of the effective methods to improve picture quality. In the DOL-HDR technology, an image processing technology for subjects with high contrast.  It synthesizes different exposure conditions into an image so that both bright and dark data can be seen at the same time. Therefore, it outputs brilliant colors are captured even when pictures are taken against bright light for both video imaging and still imaging.



Supports CMOS image sensor

  • 3.0 Megapixel DOL sensor - IMX123
  • 2.0M Megapixel DOL sensor - IMX290
  • 1.3M Megapixel DOL sensor - IMX224

Video Output format:


  • YCrCb(16 bit: Rec601) output format: SMPTE274M, SMPTE296M 
  • YUV output format
  • RAW output format (12bit)

High picture quality signal processing

  • Built-in detector for high accuracy camera control
  • AE (63 windows), AWB (63 windows), AF (programmable 5 windows)
  • Block control functions with an internal CPU
  • AE/AWB/YC/CLAMP/Auto Defog
  • Wide dynamic range signal processing function (DOL + ATR)
  • Noise reduction
  • Flicker detection and correction(50/60Hz)
  • Shading correction
  • Static blemish detection and compensation function (1024 points)
  • Dynamic blemish detection and compensation function

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