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SONY IMX323 CMOS Image Sensor

Sony plans to mass produce the IMX323 CMOS image sensor. The IMX323 is the cost down version of current IMX322, it adopts CSP (Chip Scale Package) design. Delivering the exact same image quality under lower cost. The IMX323 allows HD video camera manufacturers to produce cost-effective products.

IMX322 vs IMX323
IMX322 vs IMX323

Comparing above images, IMX323 and IMX322 have no difference in terms of image quality and sensitivity performance.

IMX323 vs other CMOS Sensor
IMX323 vs other CMOS Sensor

The release of IMX323 CMOS sensor enables manufacturers to produce cost-effective high quality HD video products without adding extra cost. IMX323 is expected to mass produce in March 2016.

Full HD 2.19MP CMOS Sensor - IMX323

IMX323 is a 1/2.9 inch 2.19 megapixel CMOS image sensor, it achieves a compact package size by utilizing WLCSP (Wafer level chip size package) technology. However, IMX323 still can maintain low illumination performance equal to that of the predecessor SONY IMX222 that offered ehanced sensitivity in the near IR region for video surveillance & security applications.

  • Image size: 1/2.9-inch (Diagonal 6.23 mm)
  • Effective pixels: 1985 (H) × 1105 (V), Approx. 2.19M pixels
  • Unit cell size: 2.8 µm (H) × 2.8 µm (V)
  • Supply voltage: 2.7 V / 1.8 V / 1.2 V
  • Package: 80 pin CSP BGA
  • Gain: 0 to 45 dB (0.3 dB Step)
  • Sensitivity (F5.6): 510 mV (1/30s accumulation)
  • Resolution: 1080P@30fps, 720P@60/30fps

Datasheet download: Sony IMX323LQC

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