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OLED Television

Introduction to Sony M-OLED Display

Sony is able to produce the ultra-compact and high resolution color micro-OLED display, M-OLED display is a kind of cross domain displaying technology that adopts a color separation method that overlays a color filter on the top of the while organic EL layer. Such kind of design makes the display become ultra slim, micro-size and digitize. The micro-OLED display has a wide range of applicable fields such as wearable devices, head mounted display, head up display etc.

O-LED is the abbreviation of organize light-emitting diode, O-LED can emits light in response to an electric current. Can be ultra slim, transparent, and fordable, the O-LEDs are used to create digital displays in devices including TV, computer monitor, smartphone, wearables etc.

LCD vs Sony M-OLED
LCD vs Sony M-OLED

Sony M-OLED display can provide better image quality, the main reason shows as below:

  1. M-OLED display owns high contrast ratio and a wide color gamut. The color contrast of traditional LCD display is not high, and its backlight may encounter light-leakage problem which leads to black is not completely black.
  2. M-OLED display has better color reproduction on each color, since each pixels can emit lights, no back-lit source is needed.
  3. Since M-OLED display is very small, therefore the image can present high resolution.
  4. M-OLED display’s response time is lower than 1µs, which can eliminate the motion blur when showing motion objects. 

Sony M-OLED module include many advantages including ultra low power consumption, high brightness, ultra high definition and high color contrast, fast response time and more. Sony M-OLED display module can be easily integrated with many different products to expand new business.


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