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Sony IMX477 IMX377 Image Sensor

Sony 4K Image Sensors IMX477 & IMX377 SME-HDR DOL-HDR

Sony recently released the IMX477 CMOS image sensor which is dedicated to multi-lenses HD video applications, it’s a 1/2.3 inch type, 1.55um pixel cell image sensor outputs 12.3 megapixel effective pixels. This new CMOS image sensor features SME-HDR (Spatially Multiplexed Exposure HDR) and DOL-HDR (Digital Overlap HDR), supports dual sensor synchronization operation, IMX477 also adopts the back-illuminated technology can achieve better image quality under low light illumination condition.

The Sony IMX477 can support up to 12.3 megapixel @ 60 frames per second video shooting under the ADC 10bit mode, the resolution format is 4056x3040. Enabling the SME-HDR mode, the camera can support 60fps, while it supports 30fps if enabling the DOL-HDR mode. Moreover, the IMX477 adopts 10.70mm(H) ×8.50mm(V) ×1.62mm(t) size package, such kind of small size package dimension benefits to the application of based multiple image sensors product’s application. The Sony IMX477 can not only be used in high frame rate sports cameras, but also can be widely used in 360 degree panoramic cameras or VR cameras.

Sony always keeps innovating on the image sensor after Sony has put CCD out into the world. Sony consumer image sensors excel in the consumer image sensor market, Sony now can offer global leading sensors such as the IMX477, IMX377, IMX277, IMX177 which will be popular with clients in all consumer based verticals. Both IMX477 and IMX377 can support 4K resolution 60 fps video shooting with the MIPI interface which reduces development cycles and simplify overall design complexity. 

IMX477 Technical Datasheet

 Model Sony IMX477
Pixel number 12.3 megapixel 4056(H) x 3040(V)
Optical/pixel size Aspect4:3, 1/2.3-type, 1.55um
 Frame rate 60fps@12Mpix 10bit
60fps@4K2K 10bit
240fps@1080P 10bit
Interface MIPI DPHY 4lane(2.1Gbps/lane)                                    
Sync. Master/Slave
(Ambient Light Sensor)                      
4x4 areas
Package Package 10.7 x 8.5 x 1.62mm

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