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P2P IP Cameras

How to use UPnP for IP Cameras/DVRs/NVRs?

Although P2P technology is prevailing in remote accessing for IP cameras/DVRs/NVRs. Most of security devices can support uPnP function, it is a mature accessing protocols which has been verified and advocated by Microsoft. Since it presents for almost two decades, most of network cameras, DVRs, as well as NVRs provide uPnP support. It can be applied to any network devices intend to achieve easy connection/accessing from Internet.

For example, when using network attached storage (NAS) device, we want to access files even when we are away from home and files should be accessible on Internet with authorization. To achieve this, we need to do port forwarding and use DDNS service. In order to simplify this, Synology NAS can automatically do port forwarding on router. However, this requires your router supports uPnP function and it should be enabled. Otherwise, without uPnP, Synology NAS is not able to establish the connection and do port mapping automatically.

uPnP is acronym of Universal Plug and Play, it’s a kind of connection protocol can permit network devices to seamlessly discover the presence of other network devices on the network and establish functional network services for data sharing, and communications etc. You can use the UPnP function to enable the fast connection of the device to the WAN via a router without port mapping. 

While UPnP brings you convenience and reduces hassles, it should not be used unless needed as it allows any device on your internal network to open ports on your router to communicate outbound to the Internet. If you want to enable the UPnP function of the device, you must enable UPnP on the gateway router to which your device is connected. When the network working mode of the device is set as multi-address, the default route of the device should be in the same network segment as that of the LAN IP address of the router. 

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