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Cyberattack IP Camera

How to secure port forwarding for your IP cameras?

Besides P2P connection, if users want to access network devices e.g. IP cameras/DVRs/NVRs, port forwarding is an essential step. However, port forwarding or port mapping is a process that open holes in your firewall, which inevitablely make your entire network system insure and it's great likely expose its vulnerabilities. Port forwarding can be configured when a network device needs access to the Internet from behind a firewall. In order to secure port forwarding, the following security practices should be followed to reduce the risk of cyber-attack against your Internet network devices.

3 Practical Ways to Reduce Risk of Port Forwarding:

  1. Minimize the number of ports that are accessible via the Internet. Configure port forwarding only when it is necessary. For example, forwarding port 443 when encrypted web services are needed.
  2. Ensure that the all accounts are set with very strong passwords. This is extremely important when a device is exposed to Internet.
  3. Avoid the usage of common port numbers but use a custom port instead. For example, port 80 is generally used in HTTP. It's recommended to use a custom port for a specific service. The custom port should comply TCP/IP port definction (range is 1-65535).

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