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How to use Yoosee security camera object tracking function?

AI or artificial intelligence now is becoming one of popular trends in video surveillance industry. Many security solution providers unveil new security cameras support object tracking, face recognition advanced AI function. Yoosee has released wireless security cameras support object tracking function. This article, we introduce you the basic info about it, and shows you how to use it.

Object tracking is similar to old auto-tracking function of CCTV PTZ cameras, it tracks moving target automatically, which helps camera operates smartly to cover important areas instead of providing a fixed viewing angle. Obviously, only cameras have pan/tilt capability can support object tracking function. According to the production manager of Yoosee, object tracking is one of very useful function brings you more convenience when you want to monitor your pets inside house, or want to protect your house from burglary or break-ins.

How to use Yoosee object tracking function?

Once you have a Yoosee AI smart camera that comes with this feature, you can go to camera’s settings to enable it. Go to “Alarm settings”, enable “Motion detection”, then you will find “Object tracking” option, now enable it. In order to make object tracking works, you also need to activate the alarm detection, then camera will be in "On Guard" status.

Yoosee camera settings
Step 1: Go to camera's settings
Yoosee camera object tracking settings
Step 2: Enable "Object Tracking"
Yoosee camera settings
Step 3: Enable smart detection

Security camera object tracking demo

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