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List of popular SoC/processors for IP Security Cameras

Camera module is the major component of each security cameras, it determines the performance and functionality of the camera. Image sensor and SoC or processor are two core components that crutical imporant. If you want to know the benchmark of hardware of your camera, you have to know which image sensor and SoC have been used in the camera. We have found a compile list which includes the popular SoC used for IP security cameras, they're devided into different manufacturers.

Manufacturer Model Main Specification
Hisilicon Hi3518EV200/201 1280x960@30fps/1920x1080@15fps H.264
  Hi3516CV100/200 1080P@30fps+VGA@30fps H.264
  Hi3516EV100 1920x1080@20fps+720x576@20fps H.265
  Hi3516CV300 1080P@30fps+720@30fps H.265
  Hi3516DV100 3M@30fps/4M@25fps/5M@15fps H.265
  Hi3516AV100 5M@30fps+VGA@30fps H.265
  Hi3516AV200 6M@30fps+VGA@30fps H.265
  Hi3519V101 4K@30fps+1080P@30fps H.265
  Hi3559AV100 8K@30fps+1080P@30fps H.265
Ambarella S5 4Kp60 HEVC/H.265 and 4Kp60 AVC/H.264
  S5L 4Kp30 
  S3L 5M/H.265/HEVC
  S3Lm  3M/H.265/HEVC
  S2L/S2Lm 5Mp30 264
  S2E 4K Ultra HD
  A5s 1080p30
Goke GK7101 1080P@30fPs
  GK7102 960P/720P@30fps
Grain Media GM8135S 720P@45fps
  GM8138S 1080p@45 fps
Anyka AK3918 H.264 720P@30fps
Ingenic T10 Up to H.264 960P@40fps
  T20 Up to H.264 1080P@60fps
MStar (Media Tek) MC313E  
Fullhan 8538M HD Analog@2M/4M/5M
  FH8536 720P@60/50/30/25 1080P@30/25
  FH8532 720P@60/50/30/25 
Nextchip NVP2431H 720p@30fps
  NVP2441H 1080p@30fps
  NVP2470H 1536p@30fps
  NVP2475H 1944p@30fps
Hisilicon Hi3520DV200 Max. 4-channel 720P@30fps
  Hi3520DV300 Max.8-channel 720P@30fps
  Hi3521AV100 Up to 8-channel 1080P@30fps
  Hi3531AV100 Up to 16-channel 1080P@30fps
  Hi3535V100 Up to 5-channel 1080P@30fps
  Hi3536CV100 Up to 8/16-channel 1080P@30fps H.265
  Hi3536V100 4*4K@30FPS H.265
  Hi3798M V200 4K x 2K@60 fps H.265/H.264