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Anyka AK3918EV300 1080p IP Camera Solution

Is this your first time to hear “Anyka” ? I guess you’re, recently, there are a bunch of security cameras that utilize Anyka SoC, though we don’t know what the exact model of the SoC. After search the company’s name on Internet, we discover it’s a semi-conductor company headquartered in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province. The company established in 2000, specializes in development and manufacturing of IC.

Today, we are going to share you some basic info of its IP camera solution from Anyka. Date back to 2018, Anyka had firstly released its SoC - AK3918EV300, this SoC supports raw video data up to 1920x1080p resolution, adopts universal interface, it works with 2-megapixel CMOS image sensors from different manufacturers such as SmartSens, Sony, Omnivision. In addition to 1080P encoding capability, it has embedded H.265+ or H.265 video compression algorithm to reduce the bit rate, it promises to reduce 25% further comparing H.264.

IoT (Internet of Things) is the market trend, no wonder there is a strict requirement on power consumption for security cameras. More and more security cameras now choose to use rechargeable batteries, adopting ultra low power consumption technology inevitably will earn the market share. Arlo security camera are good examples, its H.264 720p wireless cameras which utilize 5200mAH batteries can last 4-6 months. Consequently, Arlo security cameras has occupied nearly one third market share in north America.

Anyka AE3918EV300 SoC

AK3918EV300 also features ultra low power consumption. Under H.265 1080P@15fps video encoding condition, the typical power consumption of SoC is 300mW. The security camera utiles 5200mAH battery under H.265 1080P@15fps encoding, the battery can last 4-6 months. As a result, utilizing AK3918EV300, 1080p resolution, its power consumption is close to security cameras from Arlo.

AK3918EV300 features ultra low bit rate H.265+/H.264+, Anyka ISP 4.0 low illumination image processing technology, ultra low power consumption, Dual CMOS input to support panoramic 720 degree image stitching. Offering Linux SDK an RTOS OS SDK, Anyka AK3918EV300 can be used in many kinds of cameras including security cameras, panoramic cameras, battery powered wireless cameras, smart doorbell camera, UAV camera.

Datasheet of AK3918EV300

  • Core processor: ARM926EJ-S; RAM management unit
  • Image sensor I/O: Support 8bit/10bit/12bit RAW RGB/YUV image sensors
  • Compatible BT.601 protocol
  • Support frame rate adjustable
  • Image signal processor (ISP): Support AE, AWB, AF
  • Support Gamma correction, color enhancement, edge enhancement
  • Support noise correction, noise reduction, color repression
  • Support lens distortion correction, lens shadow correction.
  • Support 2D, 3D noise reduction
  • Support wide dynamic range
  • Video encoding processor: snapshot
  • Support image digital zoom
  • Support OSD overlay
  • Support privacy mask
  • H.264/H.265 video codec
  • JPEG codec
  • Support dual-stream output
  • A/D, D/A converter: Sigma-delta ADC, support audio encoding
  • Sigma-delta DAC, support single channel audio decoding
  • SAR ADC, support battery voltage monitoring, analog key, general A/D converter
  • Storage: Embed DDR2 SDRAM
  • Encryption: AES, DES and 3DES
  • Ethernet Interface: MII/RMII, 10/100M full-duplex
  • Interface: USB 2.0 Host & Slave, TWI, I2S, SPI, UART, MMC/SD/SDIO, PWM
  • Operating Voltage Core processor: 1.2V
  • Input/output voltage: 3.3V
  • DDR2 SDRAM voltage: 1.8V
  • Package: QFNL80, ELQFP128

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