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IPC Module Mstar SSC335/SC337DE

IP Camera Solution MStar SSC335/SSC337DE + Sony IMX307/SC4320

The sanction toward Huawei by US goverment has impacted the security camera market. Nowadays it becomes difficult to buy security cameras which utilize SoC from Hisilicon (Hisilicon is the subsidiary of Huawei, specializes in designing SoC for smartphones, TV boxes, IPCs and NVRs). If you can no longer buy IP cameras based on Hisilicon SoC (e.g. Hi3516A/C/D, Hi3519A/C/D), you may check products that based on MSTAR SoCs. In addition to the popular MSC313E, MSC316DM, MStar has already launched MStar 33 series SoC to meet the leftover market.

Comparing to the predecessor MStar MSC316, SSC335 IP camera system on chip adopts new generation image signal processing pipeline. The new technology empowers camera to capture color video under low illumination/lighting condition, it has greatly enhanced the light sensitivity and reduced the motion blur under dim lighting condition, additionally it has embedded with new algorithm to recognize human body. Similar to MSC313, the SSC335 supports 2-megapixel resolution and having 1920x1080 30fps video encoding capability, supports both H.265 and H.264 video compression standard.

MStar SC335 + IMX307 IP Camra Solution

  • 1/2.8” 2-megapixel Sony IMX307 CMOS image sensor
  • Min. Illumination 0.01Lux
  • Video processing: ATW, 3D noise reduction, DWDR, defog
  • Video compression: H.264/H.265/H.265+
  • Stream: main stream 3MP@25fps, 1080p/720p@30fps, substream D1/VGA/CIF@30fps
  • Audio support: mic input and speaker output
  • Audio compression: G711Ulaw/G711Alaw
  • Interface: RJ45, 10/100Mbps self-adapting, 2KV lighting surge protection
  • Storage: N/A
  • I/O: support motorized zoom lens with auto-focus
  • Function: web server, motion detection, snapshot, auto-focus
  • Power input: 12V/PoE (802.3af)

MStar SSC337DE + SC4320 4MP IP Camera Solution

MStar SSC337DE is another new SoC from 33 series portfolio, it adopts the new image processing pipeline and supports up to 5-megapixel image sensor. By utilizing MStar SSC337DE, security manufacturers can develop network cameras that supports 5MP or 2K resolution. The SoC comes with the universal I/O interface, can be compatible with CMOS image sensors from different manufacturers such as Sony, Omni-vision, SmartSens.

  • 1/2.9” progressive scan 4MP CMOS image sensor
  • Min.illumination: 0.01Lux
  • Video processing: auto white balance, 3D denoise, defog, AE (automatic exposure)
  • Video codec: H.264/H.265/H.265+
  • Stream: 5MP@25fps, 4MP@25fps, 3MP@25fps, 1080p/720p@30fps
  • Audio codec: G711u/G711a
  • Network interface: RJ45, 10/100Mbps
  • Protocol: HTTP/RTSP/DHCP/NTP/ONVIF/P2P/RTMP (optional)
  • Storage: N/A
  • I/O: motorized zoom and auto-focus lens
  • IR-CUT: IR-CUT filter
  • Function: human body recognition, web server, P2P service (Danale), vehicle plate number license recognition
  • Power: 12V/PoE(802.3af), 1.4W Max
  • Working temperature: -30 Celsius - 85 Celsius degree

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