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Ingenic T30 Battery Smart Doorbell

Disassemble Ingenic battery smart doorbell w PIR motion sensor

Ingenic battery smart doorbell can work nearly 180 days, here we’re about to disassemble one popular smart doorbell camera D819 to disclose the product design, we may figure out why it can work with a battery that lasts for a half year.

This is a compact design smart doorbell has battery built-in. The camera has a DC5V and power on/off switch on its back. After remove the back panel, we can see the inside structure. It mainly consists of a dual layers PCB board and a battery pack.  

Ingenic Smart Doorbell
Smart Doorbell Cam has a Battery Pack
5200mAH 18650 Battery Pack
5200mAH 18650 Battery Pack

Disconnect the battery cable, we’re able to take out the battery pack. The specification of the battery is 5200mAH, 3.7V, 19.24W. The battery pack consists of two pieces of 18650 type of battery

Doorbell button, microphone and speaker on smart doorbell
Microphone and speaker

The next, we begin to disassemble the main body of the cam. The doorbell button and LEDs parts are connected to main board with a flexible flat cable (FFC), the doorbell part has a microphone and a speaker.

Smart doorbell with a PIR motion sensor
Smart doorbell with a PIR motion sensor
AXP2601, XR871GT, Winboand 25Q128JVSQ
AXP2601, XR871GT, Winboand 25Q128JVSQ

The main part includes three boards including the main board, Infrared LED board, and PIR sensor board. The core processor of cam is located in the center of the main board. It adopts Ingenic T30, T30 (8509222009301-B201) is a video surveillance dedicated SoC supports digital video processing, video encoding and audio encoding capability, it supports H.265 and H.264 video compression standard, employs professional level ISP, maximum supports max. 5-megapixel resolution, the working power rate is 300mW.

Ingenic T30 SoC
Ingenic T30 SoC Supports H.265/H.264 Codec Engine
1080p FHD camera module
1080p FHD Camera Module

Next the T30 is a Winbond 25Q128JVSQ storage IC. The Wi-Fi chip is XR871GT, it’s a highly integrated lower power consumption Wi-Fi MCU, and it adopts ARM Cortex-M4F core, main frequency reaches 192MHz, and embedded with a 448KB SDRAM. Meanwhile XR871GT is a low power rate processor, the power consumption of Wi-Fi receiver is less than 30mA that is half less than products from other manufacturers. The Wi-Fi MCU also has the capability to stay online under power rate equal 230uA. This is the secret why the battery inside the doorbell can last several months.

The doorbell camera also supports night vision, it’s equipped with 6pcs Infrared LEDs (950nm wavelength) enables camera to see up to 5-10 meters under dim lighting condition, and the LED driver IC is AWINIC AW9523B. The camera adopts 3.6mm lens to provide wide viewing angle, it has a ICR filter to capture color video with true color reproduction in the day time.

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