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Tuya Smart Door Locks

Introducing you the smart door locks supporting standard ZigBee 3.0 communication protocol, it can be integrated with your new or existing home automation system. The smart door locks can work with your ZigBee gateway to be included in ZigBee network. Users are able to control smart locks locally and remotely. In ad...

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Solar powered security camera HK-C5

As the fast development of technology, today solar powered security cameras become the popular choice when people wants to setup a wireless video surveillance system. Though solar powered security cameras are much better than conventional security cameras, we may still want to know the pros and cons of this type of ...

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Mycam app PC Software - DanaleCMS

Mycam app that works with Android and iOS smart devices (smartphone and tablet). The app is a free application that compatible with battery powered and solar powered security cameras. Comparing other camera apps, the app allows users to tweak all setting of the camera, you even can tweak the image parameters like br...

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Download video converter that transforms your video files with extension .h264 and .h265 to MP4 format, therefore you're able to play the converted video files by using regular media player and video editing software. This video converter particularly works with video files recorded/captured by security cameras. We ...

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There is a huge potential demand for security cameras in farming industry. Farms are typically located in rural remote areas that may have no access to Internet or even electricity. Farmers may have a strong demand that they want to deploy a couple of security cameras around the farm to either monitor animals or pro...

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