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What’s 3DNR, WDR, advanced DRC image processing technology?

Though AI becomes main trend in today’s IP camera market, camera solution developers still keep inventing new technologies to enhance image quality, for example, the global leading IP camera solution provider Hisilicon has introduced new image processing techniques to its latest surveillance dedicated cameras, they not only capture higher resolution image but also keep image more clearer than other solution in market. The newly developed techniques include 8-stage 3D noise reduction, advanced wide dynamic range, and advanced dynamic range compensation.

8 stage 3DNR 

DNR, digital noise reduction is a kind of mature image processing technique to remove image noise. 8-stage 3DNR is the latest denoising technology, Hislicon SoCs have a sophisticated 8-stage filter denoising engine. Compared with the normal 4-stage filter, the 8 stage 3DNR can greatly improve image denoising performance while have prevision detail preservation and enhancement, which in turn, the camera is able to capture clearer and sharper image quality in the static image area. Moreover, it’s able to capture clearer image quality for moving objects and in extreme low light conditions.

3DNR Image Processing Technology

Advanced WDR

Wide dynamic range is an appealing feature for high-end network cameras. WDR is also known as HDR (high dynamic range), it helps camera to capture balanced image under undesirable or challenging lighting conditions such as reverse lighting, strong lighting. Advanced WDR improves the detail extraction ability and wide dynamic brightness processing ability of DRC, thus realizing more compression of bright area and more enhancement of brightness of backlight area and more detail retention.

Advanced WDR combines ISP (image processing pipeline) local contrast processing modules 9defog curve is used in WDR mode to supress the brightness of high brightness area, enhance local contrast) and powerful 3DNR X, C interface. It makes the dynamic range significantly improved, the overall scene is clearer, more hierarchical it can catch all the details you need in high dynamic range scenes.

Advanced Wide Dynamic Range

Advanced DRC

DRC is acronym of dynamic range compression, it’s a new image processing technology few people know. It significantly improves the dynamic range, enhances local contrast and enhanced the brightness of backlight face. DCR has great effect on wide dynamic scenes and infrared scenes, it’s one of important technique to ensure camera capture clear image under infrared illumination condition. Additionally, AE module provides the dynamic range value of scene, which can be used to judge the dynamic range of scene. Then scene-auto program can dynamically adjust DRC, AE, gamma and other image parameters for better adaptability of scenes. The 3DNR refers to MG statistics for better denoising adaptability.

Advanced DRC

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