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How to install Tuya IP PoE Video Intercom System with a Monitor?

The Tuya video intercom system includes a smart doorbell and a monitor. Since it features Power over Ethernet (PoE), the system can be easily installed by running the Ethernet cable (cat5e/cat6/cat6a) between the smart doorbell and the monitor. This article shows you how video intercom system can be installed through different wiring methods.

When buy the product, it should be noted that the video intercom system supports different PoE technologies we herein list them below:
Standard PoE: 802.3af standard, 48V voltage, endspan mode (1,2,3,6 for both data and power transmission)
Remark: the smart doorbell can connect to the standard PoE network switch, higher cost, standard PoE can better protect the smart doorbell. When using a PoE injector for connection, ensuing the injector is endspan (1,2,3,6) type.

Non-standard PoE: 12V or 15V voltage, midspan mode (1236 for data, 4578 for power transmission).
Remark: the smart doorbell can’t be powered through standard PoE switches, can be powered by 12V/15V PoE injectors or non-standard PoE switches (12V DC). Using wrong PoE switches or PoE injectors may damage the equipment.

Install the outdoor unit (smart doorbell)

The outdoor doorbell camera is installed at a height of 1.4~1.7 meters, try to avoid the direct sunshine and rain. Using 2 screws or double-sided tape to fix the outdoor doorbell on the wall, door frame, door.

Install the outdoor smart doorbell

1. If network cable does not exist in place where the doorbell is installed, you may need to drill a large hole which its size is enough to pass through the cable, remember to use the anchors.
2. Separating the rain cover/shield from the doorbell.
3. The network cable (cat5e, cat6/ cat6a) goes through the hole in the wall.
4. Fix the rain cover with two screws.
5. Plug the rain cover on the doorbell and fix the bottom screw.

Indoor Monitor Installation

1. Fix the wall mount on the wall with two screws
2. Insert the memory card (microSD) to the slot of indoor monitor
3. Connect the Cat5E cable to the indoor monitor
4. Connect the power supply
5. Sliding indoor monitor from top to fix it on the wall mount.

Indoor monitor installation diagram

Cable Wiring for Video Intercom System

The system wiring method varies from different PoE technologies. In summary, you are four different wiring methods available which shows below:

Method 1: Standard, 1-Outdoor Smart Doorbell + 1-Indoor Monitor
The indoor monitor connects to the 12V~15V power supply. Running an Ethernet cable between the outdoor smart doorbell and the indoor monitor.

Standard Wiring One Indoor Monitor One Doorbell

Method 2: Using 12V PoE injectors
If you want to expand the system by using multiple smart doorbells and indoor monitors, then you need to use a few PoE injectors. 

Wiring video intercom system by using 12V  PoE Injectors

Method 3: Using Non-standard 12V/15V PoE switch

Wiring Video Intercom System By Using 12V PoE Switch

Method 4: Using 48V PoE switch
By using the 48V PoE switch, the video intercom system can connect up to 4 outdoor doorbells, 4 security cameras, 6 indoor monitors.

Wiring Video Intercom System 48V PoE Switch

The video intercom system can support security camera integration, if you want to add security cameras to the video intercom system, it’s mandatory to tweak camera’s settings.
Camera resolution: 2-megapixel/1080p (FHD)
Camera video compression standard: H.264
IP address range:
Default gateway:


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