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Fierce Barking Dog

DIY a barking dog simulated alarm system

A barking dog simulated alarm system will automatically make fierce dog barking sound when an alarm occurs. It can effectively deter intruder by not only alerting people, but also making intruders think house is protected by a dog. Comparing a dog pet, using a barking dog simulated alarm system is more practically to some people who are allergic or even dislike animals. This article, we are going to introduce you a super easy way to have your own DIY dog simulated alarm system.

How to turn your security camera a barking dog alarm?

Most Yoosee indoor and outdoor cameras have built-in a speaker, it turns on when there is motion detection or sensor is triggered. So, you can turn your security camera to a barking dog alarm system. To do this, you just need to change the default alarming sound to dog barking sound. It’s super easy, no any hardware or software hacking is required.

After you change the sound, the camera will make fierce dog barking sound when it detects abnormal events. Just like video demonstrates, you are able to use smartphone to activate and de-activate the detection remotely anywhere anytime, it’s super convenient. Almost Yoosee security cameras support motion detection and can not only send you instant push notifications, but also snapshot emails to you. Lastly, we think dog barking sound is less annoying than noisy alarming sound to home owners and your neighbors.

Smart advanced barking dog alarm system

If you want a more sophisticated barking dog simulated alarm system, you may consider Yoosee cameras that have capability to work with wireless security sensors. For instance, D1201-HE is able to work with up to 64 units wireless security sensors. You can customize the system by adding a door/window sensor (magnetic contact), a PIR motion sensor, or even a wireless vibration sensor. By doing this, you can monitor areas which are out sight of camera’s view. For example, when a door/window is opened, simulated dog will start to bark, you will be notified by push notification alerts or emails. Furthermore, since many the camera supports preset positions, you can assign the sensors to them. Once sensor is triggered, the camera will automatically rotates to designated (preset) position, helps camera to capture an accurate record of the scene.

D1201-HE smart security camera
D1201-HE Wireless 1080p Security Camera Supports Alarm Sensors

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