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ABH Photoelectric Beam Detector

Best Perimeter Security Sensor - New Generation ABT Dual Photoelectric Beam

Introducing you new generation photoelectric beam detectors adopt the completely new and more advanced design comparing old products. New ABT series photoelectric beam detector can safeguard up to 100 meters distance area. Merely deploying 4 units of this type of detector surrounding the building, you can establish a modern and beautiful perimeter security system that costs less.

Selectable frequency photobeam sensor advantages

  • New product adopts truly IP65 weatherproof design
  • channel selectable frequency to avoid crosstalk interference
  • Temperature monitoring and regulation design
  • Micro-processor design to process sophisticated signals
  • DIP switch to easily tweak each settings of product
  • Selectable interruption time to better detect slow or fast moving targets
  • Can connect heater to operate under extreme low temperature (-20 Celsius degree)
  • DC voltage current regulation IC to provide stable performance
  • Surge protector design to prevent damage of lightning strikes
  • LED segment display greatly helps to align sensors

Disadvantages of other photoelectric beam detectors

  • IP55 raindrop-proof design has high risk of damage by leaking water
  • Single and unchangeable Infrared frequency can be easily interfered
  • No temperature monitoring and regulation
  • Logic circuit simple design to analysis signals
  • Can not adjust interruption time/response time
  • Detectors will not work under extreme low temperature
  • Detectors will be frozen or covered by snow in winter season
  • LED indicators to help align sensors

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