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Active Infrared Fence/Beam Sensors

Active Infrared (IR) Fence Detectors, or Photoelectric Infrared Fence Sensors have been widely used in perimeter security systems. Unlike the electric fence, the Active Infrared fence detectors utilize invisible Infrared barriers to detect the intrusion. It has long detection/guarding range, low-cost, high-quality, ...

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Mi ZigBee Smart Home Automation Kit

In smart home automation field, burglar alarm products become the early home consumer products, occupying a large market share, however as it has its own disadvantages, now many products are going through significant change, including front-end security sensors.

The alarm monitoring market is no longer domin...

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Home alarm system - 6 things you should know by now

Security industry mainly includes alarm monitoring, video surveillance, access control, video intercom etc sectors. Undoubtedly, video surveillance contributes more than 70% market share. Nowadays, it becomes the fast growing business in global security market, video surveillance is evolving from analog standard def...

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Knight Guard - Innovative Alarm System

Which alarm system is best for home? Can I monitor my home or business for free? If you are looking for alarm system to protect your premises, you will have these questions. Knight Guard is the answer. Let's tell you why. We have been in alarm industry for more than 5 years, we know the pros and con...

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Home Security Integration Solution

Many security manufacturers are striving to provide users with integrated security solution which includes different security and control systems. The integration between access control system and video surveillance system, as well as alarm system becomes realistic, unfortunately the current integration solution are...

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