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Solar powered wire-free perimeter beams

Wire-free Perimeter Beams with Solar Panel for Outdoor Protection

When we plan about the outdoor perimeter protection, deploying multiple security cameras comes our mind first. Undoubtedly, security cameras can let us watch and see what happening is, it’s inept to deter intruders. Perimeter beams are well suited for outdoor perimeter protection as they can detect intrusions and deter intruders effectively.

What’s perimeter beam?

Perimeter beam is a jargon used among people in security business, photoelectric beam sensor is its real name. Photoelectric beam sensor adopts the active infrared technology and it consists of a transmitter which emits infrared rays and a receiver which as the receptor of receiving the infrared. When infrared rays are interrupted simultaneously by a moving object, the receiver will send alarm signals.

In a nutshell, when a photoelectric beam sensor works, an invisible fence is formed between the transmitter and receiver.

Advantages of perimeter beams?

When talking about the advantages of photoelectric beam sensor, we usually compare it with passive infrared motion sensors. Passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors are widely used for motion detection in security field, as the have many advantages such as low-cost, super low power consumption, tiny size, accurate detection by combing other sensors (e.g. microwave/proximity sensor, temperature sensor).

Short distance coverage and high false detection rate in outdoor environment are two primary disadvantages for the passive infrared detection. PIR sensors usually cover up to 12 meters distance, and it’s highly sensitive to the temperature changes, hence they are seldom used in outdoor perimeter protection.

Perimeter beams immune to false alarm
Perimeter beams immune to false alarm

Photoelectric beam sensors are widely used in perimeter security protection as they do a better job than passive infrared sensors. They cover up large area up to 2000m2, they provide reliable performance and accurate intrusion detection. Why? They emit/produce infrared (active infrared technology) comparing passive infrared sensors which detect infrared energy changes. Multi-beam design reduces false detection caused by tree branches, flying birds, small animals.

Wire-free perimeter beams

Conventional photoelectric beam sensors require external power supply. Installation of them becomes complex and costly. As the rapid development of technology, wire-free photoelectric beam sensors are available in market.

Wire-free perimeter beams not only have rechargeable batteries built-in, but also use solar panel to supply the power. Therefore, no need to charge the product manually. Can it work reliably? Weather is a kind of unpredictable, plus outdoor environment is harsh for products to work.

Intending to work in harsh outdoor weather conditions, Unifore wire-free perimeter beams use large size solar panels which can convert nature light to energy efficiently, it’s able to supply the power under rainy/cloudy days. Additionally, the sensors have high capacity LiFePO4 type rechargeable battery which having many benefits including 3000+ cycle life and fast charging and operating under cold and hot temperature (-20 ~ 60 Celsius degree). Lastly, the wire-free perimeter beams adopt IP65 fully-sealed design, they’re waterproof, can operate in outdoor environment for decades.

According to the reliable test, the wire-free perimeter sensors can work 30 days by merely 3 hours sun light exposure.

Security system integration

It should be noted perimeter beams can not work alone. Wire-free perimeter beam sensors have RF modules built-in that operate on 433MHz(433.92MHz) frequency. They can work with most wireless alarm panels/hosts/receivers. The wireless transmission range reaches up to 500 meters in outdoor environment. In addition to wireless connection, the product also support hardwired connection, hence can be connected with diverse security systems such as access control, video surveillance system, automation system, HAVC system.

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