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Dual-Tech Motion Sensor PIR+Microwave ED695

Reliable Hardwired Dual-Tech Motion Sensor for Intruder Detection System

Passive infra-red motion sensors are ubiquitous can be found in many applications, they’re also primary components for intrusion detection system. We normally call them PIR motion sensors, here we introduce you ED695 which is not just another PIR sensor, it adopts dual-technology which can greatly enhance the accuracy of detection. In addition to dual technology, it has true temperature compensation design and true digital signal processor that only triggering alarm when all conditions are met. It is a hardwired type dual-tech motion sensor that works with different hardwired security controllers for intruder detection systems and IP video surveillance system, as well as access control system.

ED695 is a palm size dual-tech motion sensor for indoor occupancy/movement detection, it adopts a fresnel lens with special coat to avoid UV/white light interference. On the back, it has a removeable cover which enabling installers to wire the product without disassembling the enclosure. 

Dual-Tech Motion Sensor PIR+Microwave ED695

ED695 includes a DIP switch that enables installers to choose different wiring method. It has two tamper switches (front and back), normal open and normal close relay outputs, +12V power input. This dual-tech motion sensor can work with most conventional security controllers.

Dual-Tech Motion Sensor PIR+Microwave ED695

ED695 includes two primary components: a microwave sensor module and a PIR sensor; the microwave sensor is also called as doppler radar or proximity sensor. The microwave sensor operates at 10.525GHz frequency that can continuously emit microwave signals and note how these signals return to the sensor. Meanwhile, the PIR motion sensor can sense the change in infra-red energy that occurs when a person or object comes into its field of view. The sensor only triggers alarm upon both PIR and microwave sensors are activated.

Dual-Tech Motion Sensor PIR+Microwave ED695

Intending to provide good flexibility, the sensitivity of microwave sensor and PIR motion sensor is adjustable. The alarm output supports normal close and normal open therefore it can work with different alarm controllers/panels. Additionally, this motion sensor has power input protection that prevent damage caused by incorrect wiring, surge protection to protect sensor from potential lightning voltage surges.

Dual-Tech Motion Sensor PIR+Microwave ED695

True temperature compensation design, including a temperature sensor that measures the room temperature; an illumination sensor dedicated to detecting light intensity; LED indicator on/off for discreet installation.

Dual-Tech PIR Motion Sensor (Infra-red + Microwave)

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