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Yoosee Wi-Fi cameras based on Goke GK7102 SoC

Relying on low-cost strategy, the shipment of Yoosee Wi-Fi cameras steadily grows. Yoosee is approaching the goal to be one of popular brands for home security. According to the latest statistics disclosed by Gwelltimes, the monthly shipment of Yoosee camera modules has already reached 200,000 pieces.  The most majority of Yoosee camera modules employ low-end SoCs from Grain Media and Hisilicon. However, some users may find out that your camera may use a different processor – Goke GK7102.

We previously wrote an article to introduce the Goke GK7101 and GK7102 HD video processors, Goke’s SoCs have been widely used in cost-effective professional IP cameras, now their SoCs are gradually being used in other camera applications since the company intends to expand the market share. We wish to share you more information about the Goke SoC, however, the company doesn't publish the processor's datasheet, therefore we only can have limited information from their Chinese website. In this article, we will be intent on introducing you the low-end Wi-Fi camera solution that based on GK7102 + SC1135 and GK7102 + H42 chipset. 

1.0MP/720P Wi-Fi Cube Camera GK7102 + H42

Open your camera, you will see its PCB board, Goke G7102 is used as the core processor, while you will see a Wi-Fi module which is MT7601 from MediaTek. If you removing the lens and the IR-CUT module, you will see its CMOS image sensor. The CMOS image sensor is H42, which is a 1/4” progressive scan CMOS image sensor offers 1.0 megapixel resolution, it’s designed for low-cost HD video applications, it’s able to deliver 1280x720@30fps video. 

1.3MP/960P GK7102 + SC1135

SC1135 is a 1/3" progressive scan CMOS image sensor from SmartSens, SmartSens is backed by the government funding, the company mainly produces CMOS image sensors that can be used for many HD video applications. The company now has the capability to produce up to 5-megapixel CMOS image sensors.

2.0MP/1080P GK7101 + SC2135

SC2135 is a 2-megapixel CMOS image sensor for Full HD cameras. Compare to the rivals, SmartSens CMOS image sensors have the comparative advantages on perspective of cost. Therefore, many security camera manufacturers are delighted to use the SmartSens to replace other brands including Sony, OmniVision, ON Semiconductor, as this can maintain the competitiveness. 

Yoosee Wi-Fi Cube Camera PCB Board
Yoosee Wi-Fi Cube Camera PCB Board

Peripheral spare parts

  1. IR LED board:10pcs LED /90°(depend on the housings to match )
  2. Loudspeaker: built-in shrapnel, 1151 standard, 15mm(L)*11mm(W)*3mm(TH)/ 8Ω 1W
  3. built-in belt line/ 8Ω 1W
  4. Wifi antenna: built-in carpet film antenna or 2.4G antenna mast(depend on the housings to
  5. match)
  6. DC power adapter: Micro USB (general use for Android mobile ) port DC 5V/1A-2A
  7. TF card:Micro SD Card
  8. IR-CUT:20mm pitch-row, HD special use ICR, M12 standard
  9. Lens:20mm pitch-row, M12 standard, 1MP-3MP

Technical Specification

  • System: main processor GK7102
  • Operation System: Embedded LINUX operating system
  • Image sensor: 1/4" CMOS H42; 1/3" CMOS SC1135; 1/3" CMOS SC2035
  • Video coding standard: H.264
  • Signal System: PAL/NTSC(Chosen by APP)
  • Effective resolution: 1280*720; 1280*960; 1920*1080
  • Effective pixels: 1.0MP; 1.3MP; 2MP
  • Video frame rate: PAL&25fps/NTSC&30fps
  • Stream: 135kbps-2048kbps; 2048kbps-4096kbps
  • SNR: SNR ≥69dB
  • Minimum Illumination: 0.1LUX
  • Day&night mode: External control
  • AES: AUTO/ 1/50(1/60)-1/100,000sec
  • Video output: CMS/Mobile APP
  • Motion detection: Support
  • Screenshot: Support
  • Audio coding standard: G.711A
  • Audio input: Built-in 38dB microphone
  • Audio output: Built-in 8Ω/1W loudspeaker
  • Record TF card: MicroSDHC/TF card
  • WiFi Module: MT7601(The complete camera is with film antenna built-in)
  • Wifi protocol: Support 802.11 b/g/n
  • Wifi transmission distance: 10m-50m (Depends on WIFI signal strength)

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