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Hikvision AI-Powered Security Cameras

Introduction to Hikvision AI-Powered Security Cameras

The global leading IP security camera manufacturer – Hikvision, has launched the new series smart security camera that has been integrated with Movidius Myriad 2 Video Processing Unit (VPU). In this article, we introduce you the Hikvision iDS-2PT9122IX-D/S(4MM)(5-50MM) all-in-one AI-powered security camera.

iDS-2PT9122IX-D adopts the exclusive modern and sleek appearance design, it consists of a fixed lens CMOS module and a motorized zoom lens CMOS module, the zoom lens can be remotely zoom in/out via web interface. The viewing angle of fixed lens is 92 degree, and the motorized zoom lens can provide maximum horizontal 210 degree and vertical -22 degree to 22 degree viewing angle, which helps to capture details.

Hikvision AI IP Security Camera
Hikvision AI IP Security Camera

Both modules adopt the 1/2.7” progressive scan CMOS image sensor, can provide 1920x1080@60fps video capturing capability, it fully meets the needs that have combined with both panoramic and highly detailed image viewing. The motorized zoom lens module is equipped with a 5-50mm motorized lens, featuring 10x optical zoom and 16x digital zoom capability. Meanwhile, the camera features high speed zoom and auto-focus, therefore can ensure the camera to capture clear image even shooting the moving objects.

Movidius Myriad 2 Computer Vision
Movidius Myriad 2 Computer Vision

In addition to the exceptional image quality, as we mentioned previously, this camera has incorporated with Movidius Myriad 2 VPU. It’s a deep-learning camera can be used in smart video analytics applications. According to the news report from the Hikvision, this camera can identify car models, detect intruders, spot suspicious baggage and even call out drivers who don’t buckle up, its detection range reaches up to 50 meters. Most importantly, the accuracy has been reached around 99%.

Hikvision AI Security Camera in Real Test Scene
Real Test Scene

Different from the most deep-learning product, the Movidius computer vision technology enables Hikvision cameras to do more on-board processing. In real open space testing scene, Hikvision iDS-2PT9122IX-D camera can automatically track the moving targets, then incorporating optical zoom to zoom in and analysis the target, finally output the photos of suspicious people. The total pixel of captured photo can reach 200dpx, therefore can be sent to data center for further analysis.

Movidius, is a San Mateo based company specializes in low-power AI and computer vision platform. Movidius platform has been successfully deployed in DJI drones and Google VR products. Movidius has established a long term relationship with Hikvision since Q2, 2016, the company has been acquired by the conglomerate - Intel.

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