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1080p security cam/baby monitor

If you are looking for a 1080p security cam for baby monitoring, we introduce you the D1000G from Unifore. The camera not only provides easy remote view through smartphone, it also offers temperature and humidity monitoring. The camera is based on megapixel hardware design has capability of capturing 1920x1080 resol...

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IP camera module

We have compiled a list of the latest firmware for Hisilicon SoC based security cameras. The firmware is compatible with camera modules including HC200C2, HC200E, HC200F, HC400L, HC500F, HC500L, HC800L. The camera modules employ Hisilicon H.265 processors such as Hi3516CV300, Hi3516D, Hi3516A, Hi3519. New firmware v...

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MStar MSC313E Camera Module

We have compiled a list of firmware for Mstar hardware based security cameras. The firmware is newly released that fix many bugs and support features including HTML5 player and RTMP stream protocol. The firmware is compatible with Mstar MSC313E and MSC316DM SoC cameras. These cameras may either adopt Sony or Smartse...

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Unifore Seletable Frequency Photoelectric Beam Detectors

Unifore specializes in developing high performance security gears for both residential and commercial applications. Photobeam detectors are widely used in perimeter security system, Unifore is proud to supply advanced and new generation photoelectric beam detectors supporting 4-channel frequency selectable. 4-channe...

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X10 Smart Burglar Alarm System

When we consider to prevent burglary and secure our home, we incline to choose security cameras, partly because local alarm monitoring service is expensive or not popular in community. From experts' view, burglar alarm monitoring system is much better than video surveillance system for home security, a properly inst...

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